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Keri Shaw Height And Weight. June 2023

What is Keri Shaw height and weight? Is the fitness enthusiast and mother of two as tall as her husband? Wife of American professional strongman, Brian Shaw is very passionate about fitness and wellness hence it’s not surprising that she fell in love and married Brian after the death of her first husband, Mike Jenkins.

Just like her husband, Keri also spends a lot of time in the gym working out in order to stay fit and healthy. Read on as we get to know a little more about Keri Shaw, her height, weight, etc

Who Is Keri Shaw? 

Keri Shaw is an American retired math teacher and fitness enthusiast. However, she is widely known for being the wife of American professional strongman, Brian Shaw. But before Brian, she was previously  married to another strongman, Mike Jenkins who died in 2013.

Keri, who is very passionate about fitness seems to be drawn to athletic men. She got engaged to Brian Shaw a year after the death of her first husband, Mike Jenkins who was also a strongman and finally tied the knot in 2015. Their union has produced two sons.

Per the information on her instagram page, Keri is a retired math teacher. Unfortunately, we do not have information about where she taught as a math teacher or which college she attended. Neither do we have any information about the high school she attended.

The popularity she has gained over the years through her marriage to Brian has not been enough to get some personal details about her. However, one thing that is certain is that, Keri is a fitness lover. And just like her husband, she also has a YouTube channel with over 16k subscribers where she shares fitness videos, diet tips, her daily routine, etc.

She is the founder of Fit Mommy Academy which is basically her own merchandise ranging from Shirt, hoodies, globes, etc.

Keri Shaw Height 

The fitness enthusiast and wife of Brian Shaw has a height of 5 ft 11 inches. This makes her almost 1 foot shorter than the big man, Shaw.

Keri Shaw Weight 

Unfortunately, we do not have data on Shaw’s weight. However, judging from the amount of time she spends at the gym working out and how careful she is with her diet, she definitely has a healthy weight.

Brian on the other hand has a weight of about 385 to 440 lb (175-200kg). Keri once revealed in a Q&A on her YouTube channel about how heavy his arms alone are when he accidentally puts his arm on her while in his sleep.

Keri Shaw Age

Keri Shaw has not made her age public. However, her husband Brian Shaw is 41 years old as of 2023 meaning her age wouldn’t be far apart.

Keri Shaw Instagram 

Shaw is on instagram as @fitmommy_kerishaw with over 69k followers.

How Many Kids Does Brian Shaw And Keri Shaw Have? 

The couple have two strong sons together namely Braxton Shaw and Kellen Shaw.

Who Is Keri Shaw First Husband? 

Keri was previously married to American strongman Mike Jenkins who died on November 28, 2013 due to an enlarged heart that was caused by persistent use of steroid.

She then started dating Brian after some time and later got married in 2015.

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