Jimmy Choo Perfume Price In Ghana

By | October 21, 2022

Considering some of the best perfumes this year, it would be absurd not to cite any of the numerous Jimmy Choo perfumes. Jimmy Choo produces exceptional products to suit both men and women.

In today’s post, we are going to give you an incredible information that you need if you want to know more about Jimmy Choo Perfumes. 

About Jimmy Choo

The Jimmy Choo company was established in 1996 by Jimmy Choo and Tamara Mellon however, Capri Holdings took over as the new owners in November 2017. The company is much into luxury perfumes, handbags, shoes and accessories. 

The main founder, Jimmy Choo, was born in 1948 in Penang, Malaysia. He assisted his father, who was a cobbler, to mend shoes. Helping his father ignited his interest in fashion and design. Jimmy repaired his first shoe at the age of 11. He moved to England in the 1980s where he had an extensive training. After the training, he went ahead to open to open his first shop. This sensational success caused him to establish a fashion company in 1996 and namef it after himself.

About Jimmy Choo Perfumes

The Jimmy Choo Company started formulating perfumes in 2011. Currently, the company has released not less than 28 classic perfumes. For instance: Urban Hero EDP, Man Ice Edt, etc. 

Types Of Jimmy Choo Perfumes

Jimmy Choo Perfumes For Men

Here are some popular Jimmy Choo Perfumes for men:

  • Urban Hero EDP 100Ml
  • Man Intense Edt 50ml
  • Man Intense Edt 100ml
  • Man Ice Edt 50ml
  • Man Edt 30ml
  • Man Blue Edt 100ml
  • Man Aqua 30ml
  • Man Aqua 100ml
  • Jimmy Choo Man 100ml
  • JC Man Ice EDT 100ml

Jimmy Choo Perfumes For Women

Here are some popular Jimmy Choo Perfumes for women:

  • Vanilla Love 125ml
  • Tempting Rose 125ml
  • Iris Crush 125ml
  • Amber Kiss 125ml
  • Radiant Tuberose 125ml
  • I Want Oud 125ml
  • JC I Want Choo EDP 60ml
  • JC I Want Choo EDP 100ml
  • JC I Want Choo EDP 40ml
  • Jimmy Choo EDT 40ml
  • Jimmy Choo Edp 60ml
  • JC I Want Choo 60ml
  • JC I Want Choo 40ml
  • JC I Want Choo 100ml
  • Floral Edt 90ml
  • Floral Edt 60ml
  • Floral Edt 40ml
  • Fever Edp 40ml
  • Fever Edp 100ml

Ingredients Of Jimmy Choo Perfumes

Here are the notes or ingredients of Jimmy Choo: Pear, Mandarin Orange, Green Notes, Orchid, Toffee and Patchouli.

Does BossLady Cosmetics Sell Jimmy Choo Perfumes?

BossLady Cosmetics sell different kinds of perfume products. Call them on +233 24 164 8023 for your jimmy Choo Perfume. 

Price Of Jimmy Choo Perfumes

The price of Jimmy Choo Perfume is GH¢ 40 — GH¢ 1,500.

Jimmy Choo Fragrance Mist for Men costs around GH¢ 40. Jimmy Choo Blossom costs around GH¢ 480. Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo Illicit EDP costs around GH₵ 580. Jimmy Choo EDP 100ml costs around GH₵ 655. Jimmy Choo Fever costs around GH₵ 1,500. 

Where To Buy Jimmy Choo Perfumes

You can purchase your Jimmy Choo Perfumes at:

  • BossLady Cosmetics
  • Ubuy Ghana
  • Jiji Ghana
  • Jumia Ghana
  • Care To Beauty
  • Tonaton Ghana
  • Reapp Ghana
  • Steaman Ghana
  • Amazon
  • Perfumegh

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