Jens Hubner Cause of Death: Full Details

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Jens Hubner was a German and he was based in Berlin. He was an artist and graduate designer. Jens Hubner was born in 1964 in Mecklenburg. He became the co-owner of a design agency for about 10 years and this was after he had studied in Germany and North America.

He undertook a two-year trip around the world and his means of transport was a bicycle. It must be emphasized that as an artist, Jens Hubner developed his method of drawing and water-coloring in the course of his travels.

He worked as a lecturer and tour guide at various seminars, and workshops as well as painting presentations. Over the years the works of Jens Hubner have been made available to people in India, Germany, East Timor as well as Ethiopia through exhibitions and lectures.

He was also a tour guide and painting lecturer for so many tour operators and other companies that were located in Africa, Asia as well as Germany. He is the brain behind the concept of brushes Instead of Pixels.

His project, Along The Nile, took him through the whole of East Africa with a bike as a means of transport. The trip took four months and the subject of his lectures and exhibitions of the project was based on his experiences in Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia and Uganda.

Jens Hubner lives in Berlin and he studied Design in North America as well as Germany. Most of the time when he is not on the move, he stays in Berlin. As a qualified designer, adventurer and urban sketcher, Jens Hubner is a brand ambassador for drawing materials from Faber-Castell and Hahnemule.

Jens Hubner Cause of Death

Currently, there is no information to suggest that Jens Hubner is dead or has died.


Most of the works of Jens Hubner can be described as visual diaries. In the course of his travels for his works, he carries a sketchbook or sketchpad. He normally uses pencils or watercolors for his work.

He has traveled to over 42 countries across the world as a result of his work.

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