Jasmin Herren’s Boyfriend. Who Is He? Full Details

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Jasmin Herren can be described as a German television actress and party pop singer. Jasmin Herren was born on December 24, 1978, in Düsseldorf ; she is currently 45 years old.

It must be noted that he started her career as a nude singer in Mallorca and she was known by the name Toy. Later on,  using the stage names (Mallorca) Haidie, Jasmin Prinz and an image change, she became known as a pop singer. Surprisingly in 2014, she made a comeback as a a nude singer.

Jasmin Herren’s mother who was then 18-years-old gave Jasmin Herren up for adoption as a premature baby while still in the hospital. Jasmin Herren was subsequently adopted by her grandparents. Jasmin Herren learnt to play the piano and violin and acquired basic skills in singing and acting when she was just five years old.

She also trained as a make-up artist and performed as a singer. Jasmin Herren, with the assistance of Udo Borges, developed the project “First Nude Singer in the World” under the stage name Toy. She participated in Der Container Exklusiv in 2006.

Between May and October 2006, Jasmin Herren dated event manager Michael Ammer. However, in August 2009, she got married to the hotel owner Marco Gülpen in Cologne. Jasmin Herren and Marco Gülpen took part in TV shows such as Wife Swap and Goodbye Germany! The emigrants part. They separated in October 2016.

In 2017, she was in a relationship with the actor and pop singer Willi Herren and they got married in July 2018. However, in March 2021, Jasmin announced her separation from Willi Herren. Willi Herren died on April 20, 2021. Jasmin Herren has a daughter.

Some of the singles to the credit of Jasmin Herren include 2006: To My Tattoo – as Jazmin, 2008: Polonäse Blankenese – Haidie feat. Gottlieb Wendehals , Com-Es Music, 2011: The raspberry toni from the strawberry farm – as Haidie, 2013: I love you – as Haidie, 2013: Where love lives – as Jasmin Prinz and 2014: Don’t care – as Haidie.
Others are 2015: Every Summer Has Its Story – as Jazmin, 2015: Du Balla Balla – as Jazmin, 2016: We’re going steep, Villa Productions – as Jazmin, 2017: It’s cool where we are – as Jazmin and 2018: Amazing time – as Jazmin

She also has an album titled 2011: Maybe to the Moon as Jasmin Prinz, Com-Es Music Records. Jasmin Herren has made appearances in a number of television productions over the years.

Jasmin Herren’s Boyfriend. Who Is He?

Jasmin Herren’s boyfriend is said to be Philipp Bender. Surprisingly, even though Jasmin Herren is 45 years old, Philipp Bender is quite younger. Philipp Bender is about 23 or 24 years old. Regardless of the age difference, Jasmin Herren and Philipp Bender seem to be in love.

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