Is Yun Huang Married? Full Details

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Yun Huang can be described as a German actress of Chinese descent. She was born on November 1, 1991, in China and only relocated to Germany when she was six years old.

She has lived in a lot of places and these are Aachen, Stuttgart, Berlin, Japan, Switzerland and Israel. Due to the fact that she has lived in a lot of places, she is very fluent in German, Chinese, English, French, Italian and Japanese, as well as some Hebrew.

She was a student at the Scuola Teatro Dimitri in Switzerland from 2012 to 2015 and earned a bachelor’s degree in physical theater after completion. Initially, she was studying architecture but had to let go of that after a year.

Over the years, she has attended various acting workshops and seminars – including with Susan Batson or in the Meisner technique. She played a role in 2018’s Crime Scene: We’ll Get You All and that was her first television role before she featured in the television series All Friendship in the 22nd season of 2019.

With All Friendship, Yun Huang played the role of Chen Mi Lan. Yun Huang was also prominent in the ARD telenovela Rote Rosen from 2020 to 2021 and she played the role of Ellen Reichard.

With regard to season 46 of The Old One, Yun Huang played the role of researcher and IT expert Julia Lulu Zhao in March 2022.

She was part of the series special  Tod am Kliff and since August 19, 2022, she has been part of the eight-part Netflix thriller series Kleo.

Some of the movies of Yun Huang are 2019: The Thinner the Air, directed by Alice Evermore and 2020: Sleep, directed by Michael Venus.

Is Yun Huang Married?

The marital status of Yun Huang is yet to be updated.

Other series that form part of the collection of Yun Huang are 2018: Tatort: We’ll get you all, 2019: In All Friendship (TV Series, Season 22, Episodes 851–874 ), 2019: Crime Scene: The Perfect Crime, 2020: SOKO Leipzig (TV Series, Season 21, Episode: Death on the Silk Road ), 2020–2021: Red Roses (TV Series, Season 18), 2021: Three-room apartment (TV film), since 2022: The Old One (TV series, episodes 444– ), 2022: Kleo (Netflix series), 2023: Spreewald crime: The seventh person (TV film), 2023: SOKO Hamburg (TV Series, Season 5, Episode 9: The First Violin ) [21] and 2023: Ostfriesenfeuer (TV movie).

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