Is Vladimir Korneev Married? Full Details

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Vladimir Korneev Biography

Vladimir Korneev was born in 1987 in Manglisi, Lower Kartli, Georgian SSR, Soviet Union. He is a German actor and singer.

He and his parents left for Germany as refugees when he was seven years old because of the fighting in Abkhazia. Korneev was raised in an asylum seeker home in Augsburg, where they eventually made their home.

Vladimir Korneev
Vladimir Korneev

Korneev attended a conventional primary school and eventually passed his Abitur at the Musisches Gymnasium close to St. Stephan in Augsburg, despite initially struggling with stuttering and not speaking German when he first came in Germany.

His youth was heavily influenced by music, and in the third grade he started playing the piano with a keyboard because his family couldn’t afford one at the time.

At the Albert Greiner Singing and Music School in Augsburg, he took piano lessons and gained additional instruction.

Korneev decided to pursue his education at the Bavarian Theatre Academy August Everding in Munich because of his talent and love for singing and acting.

His first singing teacher was Melanie Petcu, after which he pursued baritone vocal training with Marianne Larsen. Along with other subjects, he took acting classes from renowned teachers including Frieder Kranz, Gaby Welker, Kathrin Ackermann, and Wolfgang Seidenberg.

Korneev got the chance to participate in a variety of theatre shows when he was a student. At the Munich State Theatre on Gärtnerplatz and the Munich Academy Theatre, he performed in parts such as barman Jimmy in “Grand Hotel” and Mackie Messer in “The Threepenny Opera” by Brecht/Weill.

He also made guest appearances in “Spring Awakening,” “Tell,” and “West Side Story” productions that were staged in several German theatres.

Korneev started investigating options in cinema and television in addition to his theatrical work. He appeared for the first time in the television movie “Police Call 110: Dawn” and afterwards appeared in the series “Dengler,” “Heiter bis tödlich: Capital District,” and “SOKO Donau.”

Additionally, he played minor parts in television films including “Auf kurze Distanz” and “Eine Sommerliebe zu dritt.” Korneev’s talent and adaptability led to his casting in a variety of genres, from romantic comedies to crime dramas.

Korneev has been advancing his stage and movie career in recent years. In films like “Scout of Peace” and TV shows like “SOKO Köln” and “SOKO Stuttgart,” he made an appearance.

He also played complex and difficult characters in TV films like “Tanz mit mir” and “Stralsund,” which were big parts for him. His performances have received appreciation for their complexity and range of emotions.

Vladimir Korneev’s transformation from a teenage refugee to a well-known actor and singer is evidence of his tenacity, talent, and drive.

He keeps enthralling audiences with his dynamic performances and diverse abilities, demonstrating his love of music and acting on stage and in films.

Is Vladimir Korneev Married?

No, Vladimir Korneev is not married as he is currently focused on his career as a German actor and singer.

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