Is Tina Voß Married? All You Need To Know

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Tina Voß Biography

Tina Voß, born on November 27, 1969, in Seesen, is a German business economist, temporary employment contractor, and Honorary Consul of Norway.

She is well known for her community service and business accomplishments. Before moving to Gittelde with her parents and older sister, Tina Voß spent her formative years in Seesen.

She first enrolled in the Realschule in Badenhausen after finishing primary school in Gittelde. Voß wanted to be a mechanic like her father, a great artisan of motor vehicles when she was a child.

Tina Voß
Tina Voß

Due to the dearth of chances for women in the field, she had trouble securing an apprenticeship.

She finished her apprenticeship as an industrial clerk at Sonnen Bassermann in the Seesen factory because she was determined to pursue a career in business. Her future success was built on this experience.

Voß continued her education in business administration after completing her apprenticeship, specialising in financial and investment accounting. She developed an interest in human resources around this time.

She started her career in the field when she accepted a managerial position as a personnel dispatcher in a temporary employment agency in her early 20s.

Voß made a big leap of faith and went into business for herself in 1996. She immediately made a name for herself in the Hanover area and co-founded Tina Voß Zeitarbeit GmbH.

Her business was the market leader by 2000, which led her to relocate to her own premises in Hanover the following year. She grew her company in 2003 by establishing Tina Voß Industrie GmbH, a for-profit division.

Notably, she and the service union ver.di came into an internal collective bargaining agreement that year, displaying her support for ethical labour practises. Her business has been paying employees the legal minimum wage since 2008.

Ver.di acknowledged that Voß’s commitment to her employees contributed to her business’s strong reputation in the temporary employment market.

Voß has been actively committed in philanthropy in addition to her commercial endeavours. She founded the Tina Voss Foundation in 2009, which offers funding for initiatives focused on youth, culture, and social issues in the Hanover area.

She has a deeper engagement to the neighbourhood because she is currently the Hanover Chamber of Industry and Commerce’s deputy president.

Voß is a sought-after guest on numerous TV talk shows due to her professional achievements and knowledge. She is renowned for sharing her knowledge and encounters with a larger group of people.

Additionally, Voß started appearing with Dietmar Wischmeyer in the Bremen Zwei programme Wischmeyersstundenhotel in January 2019. The show focuses on satirical discussions of common subjects and ideologies.

Voß lives in Hanover and maintains her grounded nature despite her many accomplishments. She has won numerous awards, showing that her services to society have not gone forgotten.

In 2004, she received the “Local Hero” designation from the national campaign of the business journal Impulse and the publisher of phone books Das rtliche. In addition, she received the Oskar Patzelt Foundation’s “Grand Prize for SMEs” in 2005.

For her exceptional contribution to the state, she was awarded the Lower Saxony Order of Merit with Ribbon in 2007.

By becoming the Honorary Consul of Norway in July 2017, Voß added yet another accomplishment to her resume and further cemented her position as a major international player.

Tina Voß’s remarkable journey and accomplishments continue to inspire and motivate others in the business world.

Is Tina Voß Married?

Tina Voß is single as there is no information to ascertain that she is a married woman.

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