Is Rose Villain Engaged? All you need to know

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Rosa Luini, better known by her stage name Rose Villain, is an Italian singer-songwriter with a diverse career who has made her mark on the modern music scene. Born in Milan on July 20, 1989, into the business family of Franco Luini, the creator of Tucano fashion company, and Fernanda Melloni.

Early Life and Education

Growing up in the energetic city of Milan, Rose Villain’s love of singing first became apparent to her in elementary school. Her upbringing as the daughter of a powerful Milanese businessman exposed her to environments that would eventually influence the development of her creative character. Her love of music was fostered by her upbringing in Milan with her family and younger brother Alessandro, taking her on a path that took her beyond national borders.

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Rose Villain moved to Los Angeles at the age of 18. She enrolled at the Musicians Institute of Hollywood here, specializing in rock and concentrating on modern music. Her experience in Los Angeles helped her develop her songwriting abilities in addition to honing her musical abilities. She provided vocals for The Villains, a punk rock cover band, during this time.


Rose Villain’s love of music and her initial managers, Mark Gartenberg and Eric Beall, connected through strategic mentoring. Her creative development was fostered by the mentorship of Gartenberg, a former A&R for Sony Music Entertainment, and Beall, an ex-vice president creative of Sony ATV. Rose Villain decided to separate ways in 2020 despite partnering with their company, Adesso.

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Rose Villain’s career took a significant turn when she met her executive producer, multiplatinum Italian producer SIXPM.

Platinum-certified track “Don Medellín,” which Rose Villain collaborated on with Italian rapper Salmo, soared into the spotlight in 2016. This achievement set her up for the historic year of 2020 when she became a household name in music thanks to the quadruple platinum-certified hit “Chico,” which she co-wrote with Italian rapper Guè Pequeno.

The partnership with Guè Pequeno produced successful collaborative projects in 2021, including “Elvis” and the platinum-certified song “Piango sulla Lambo.” With the platinum certification of her song “Michelle Pfeiffer,” featuring Italian rapper Tony Effe, Rose Villain’s creative abilities reached new heights in 2022.

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Her trajectory in the music industry took another significant stride on January 20, 2023, with the release of her debut studio album, “Radio Gotham.” Certified gold by FIMI, the album showcased Rose Villain’s versatility, featuring gold-certified singles like “Lamette” and the platinum anthem “Fantasmi.”

Who is Rose Villain Engaged to?

Rose Villain is married to her executive producer, the Italian multiplatinum producer SIXPM. They got married on May 28, 2022, in New York.


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