Is Ralf Döbele Married? Full Details

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Ralf Döbele can be described as a German  journalist and author. He was born on August 22, 1981, in Rheinfelden and his popularity shot to unimaginable heights due to the ZDF show hello deutschland and the ZDFinfo documentary Investigators!

Ralf Döbele had his education at the  University of Basel in Switzerland. He studied media studies, sociology and history at the University of Basel but later in 2008, he furthered his education and earned a master’s degree.

While in school, Ralf Döbele worked as a freelance journalist and subsequently worked as an editor at TV Wunschliste, the film and television series information portal.

Ralf Döbele can also be noted to be a true crime writer who also works in front of and behind the camera as an editor and presenter. It must be noted that over the years, he has produced more than 100 real criminal cases for the ZDF program Hallo Deutschland .

He is also an author and director of the documentary series Investigators! ( ZDFinfo ) .Ralf Döbele has been working as a journalist and freelance editor for the past 15 years and he focuses on true crime and television.

Ralf Döbele has also been involved with TV shows and programs such as “Undercover Boss”, “My Heavenly Hotel”, “The Great Baking” and  “100 Songs That Moved the World”. He is also the editor of and TV Wunschliste.

Is Ralf Döbele Married?

Currently, there isn’t any information about the marital status of Ralf Döbele. No one can confirm if he has a wife or not and whether he has children too.

Some of the publications of Ralf Döbele are Stefan Ummenhofer, Michael Thaidigsmann, Ralf Döbele: file number XY … unsolved – crime, controversy, cult. Romäus Verlag, 2004, and Stefan Ummenhofer, Ralf Döbele: Murders on the doorstep . Romäus Verlag, 2008.

In summary, Ralf Döbele is involved in Filming and editing, Online editing and magazine texts, has extensive knowledge of hundreds of post-war German criminal cases as well as a clear and direct writing style, which is characterized by thoroughly researched substance.

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