Is Petra Kusch-Lück Married ? Full Details

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Petra Kusch-Lück is a German presenter, dancer and singer. She was born on April 6 , 1948, in Berlin.

She had her education at the St. Hedwig Hospital in Berlin-Mitte where she was trained as a nurse. After the training at the St. Hedwig Hospital in Berlin-Mitte, she worked as a part-time announcer in the second program of the television of the GDR from 1969.

Petra Kusch-Lück also worked as the host of the popular entertainment show Ein Kessel Buntes on just three occasions. She was voted TV favorite in the GDR eight times in a row before 1989 but later on, she had to go on a long break from GDR.

With her exit from GDR, Petra Kusch-Lück decided to pursue a career in the music business throughout Germany.

It must be noted that between 1995 and 2003, Petra Kusch-Lück was the moderator for the folk music show Musikantenscheune auf dem Gutshof Schloss Diedersdorf on ARD.

She also moderated live events in Diedersdorf even after she was done moderating the folk music show.

She has moderated the Show Of Couples as a presenter and duet partner since March 2009.

With respect to the birthday show Alles Gute on MDR television, Petra Kusch-Lück was able to present more than 700 editions of the show between 1997 and 2011. She has also presented the MDR television show Alles Gute zum Muttertag.

How many times was Petra Kusch-Lück Married?

Petra Kusch-Lück is reported to have married four times. He currently lives in Berlin-Altglienicke and he is married to pop singer Roland Neudert.

Roland Neudert was born on July 9, 1939 in Germany. Even though he is a pop singer, he was trained as a fine ceramics machine fitter and he has a master’s certificate to back it.

He has also learned how to play the violin and trumpet. Some of the albums of Roland Neudert include 1980 Hello, beautiful child, 1983 Our most beautiful folk songs, sung by Roland Neudert, 1986 Merry Christmas with Roland Neudert and 1989 High Mountains – deep valleys.

One of the people Petra Kusch-Lück was previously married to was pop singer Thomas Lück and they had a daughter.

Thomas Lück was born on February 14, 1943, and he is a qualified electromechanic. At age 18, he started his music career, as a refrain singer with the Manfred Lindenberg sextet.

He is also an actor. 1969: Caution, curves!, 1969: Strange Love Letters (TV), 1970: We Buy a fire department, 1970: Nocturnal Dare, 1972: Sea Tales (TV),1974: Police call 110: The ad (TV series) and 1976: Love Traps form part of the movies Thomas Lück has been involved in.

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