Is Isobel Kinnear Engaged? Everything you need to know

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A gifted little dancer from Australia named Isobel Kinnear has been conquering the Amici 22 dance academy. She is only 20 years old, but she has already made a name for herself in the school as a standout performer, winning over the audience and teachers alike. Isobel’s journey to Amici 22 is truly amazing, and her commitment to dance shines through in every step she takes.

Early Life

Isobel was born in Australia in 2003, and her love of dance began when she was just 3 years old. She had a remarkable gift and a voracious hunger for dance from a young age. She started her adventure with the Dream Dance Company, where she developed her abilities and set the groundwork for a bright future in the dance industry. Because of her extraordinary talent, Isobel was recognized in 2018 and given the esteemed title of “Australia Dancer of the Year.”

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Isobel’s path changed dramatically when she was given the chance to enroll in the esteemed Amici 22 dancing academy. A challenge she accepted wholeheartedly led to her admission to the institution, which was a turning point in her rapidly developing career. Isobel’s potential began to bloom inside Amici 22, where she was put under the guidance of renowned educator Alessandra Celentano.

Isobel’s journey at Amici 22 has been greatly influenced by Alessandra Celentano, a well-known figure in the dance community. She has been essential in Isobel’s growth as a dancer with her advice, support, and skill. Both Isobel’s teachers and outside assessors have routinely given her good marks for her performances on the Amici 22 stage.

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More than 50,000 devoted followers follow Isobel Kinnear on Instagram at @isobel_kinnear. She posts snippets of her professional dancing life and her spare time on social media, which helps her maintain a balance between her intense training and performance schedule. Countless aspiring dancers from all over the world are inspired by Isobel’s posts and videos, which showcase her passion for dancing.

Who is Isonner Kinnear Engaged to?

Australia’s Isobel Kinnear and Giovanni Cricca are partners. They were at first into a relationship but it couldn’t last. However, they have rekindled their relationship again.

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They first met in the 2022 season of the program. Even though Isobel joined the program later, the two had a strong and immediate bond right away. Even though the singer’s elimination from the talent show seemed to be the end of their adventure together, fate had another surprise in store.

Giovanni unexpectedly reappeared for a challenge, which gave their relationship a new life. And just when it appeared that their tale might come to an end with the show, Isobel posted a touching photo of the two walking hand in hand on the beach in July. The photo was accompanied by a meaningful text and a loving heart emoji.


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