Is Claudia Effenberg Married? Full Details

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Claudia Effenberg Biography

Claudia Effenberg (née Köhler) is a German model and designer born on September 20, 1965, in Halingen, which is now known as Menden, North Rhine-Westphalia.

At the age of 19, she was in Iserlohn when she was identified as a model. She was featured on the covers of renowned publications throughout her career, including German Vogue and Elle.

She even performed as a nude model for sensual photographs published in the Matador men’s magazine in 2007. Additionally, Claudia was hired for a number of commercials, including one for Deutsche Bahn.

Claudia Effenberg
Claudia Effenberg

Claudia was married to football star Thomas Strunz from 1997 to 2002, assuming his last name. Together, they are parents to two kids. She again married Stefan Effenberg, a different former football player and Thomas Strunz’s former FC Bayern teammate, in 2005.

They started dating while Claudia was still in her first marriage. In 2014, the couple momentarily split up before getting back together. The family lived not far from Munich.

Claudia co-starred with Giulia Siegel and Maja von Hohenzollern in the docu-soap “Der Club der Ex-Frauen” on RTL II in 2007. Maja von Hohenzollern is currently Maja Effenberg’s wife. However, because of a low market share, only two of the six programmes that were filmed were first broadcast.

In November 2008, the last four episodes were broadcast. Another docu-soap called “Effenbergs Heimspiel” debuted in October 2008, but it similarly had trouble drawing viewers.

In the 2009 movie “Horst Schlämmer – I am a candidate!” directed by Hape Kerkeling, Claudia Effenberg made a brief appearance. She also makes sportswear under her own name while working as a designer for the German apparel business Trigema.

She released her debut book, “Actually, I’m Quite Nice,” in February 2010. Additionally, Claudia represents the Bundesverband Verwaister Eltern Deutschland eV, a group that helps parents who have lost a child.

Claudia competed in “Promi Big Brother: The Experiment” in August 2014 and finished second, just behind Aaron Troschke.

Additionally, she made appearances on several TV programmes in December 2015, including “Henssler at Grill,” “Guido’s Shopping Queen of the Year” alongside Jess from Berlin, and “Mein Lokal, Dein Lokal Celebrity Special.”

Alongside Jorge González and Sila Sahin, she competed in “Duel der Stars – Die Sat.1 Promiarena” in January 2017 against former football players Stefan Effenberg, David Odonkor, and Thorsten Legat.

On the episode of “The Taste” in September 2017 where she competed against other celebrities, she paired up with Mousse T. and Frank Rosin. She participated in the ProSieben programme “Schlag den Star” in May 2021 against Carmen Geiss, but she lost.

The 16th season of “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!” began in January 2023, and Claudia Effenberg took part in that as well. But viewers gave her a seventh-place vote.

The well-known German model and designer Claudia Effenberg has a varied background in the entertainment business. She has established herself in a variety of sectors, from her lucrative modelling career to her TV appearances and book release.

Is Claudia Effenberg Married?

Yes, Claudia Effenberg is happily married to his husband known by the name of Stefan Effenberg.

Stefan Effenberg, a former football player who played for FC Bayern, is the wife of Claudia Effenberg.

Claudia Effenberg and husband stefan
Claudia Effenberg and husband stefan

Stefan, who was born on August 2, 1968, played football professionally for prestigious teams like Borussia Mönchengladbach and Fiorentina. He was well-known for his aggressive playing style and great leadership abilities.

Stefan spent time as a coach and sports commentator when his career in professional football came to an end. Despite their brief divorce in 2014, Claudia and Stefan were able to get back together.

Together, they have established a life in Munich and have worked on numerous television projects.

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