Is Anja Kohl Married?

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Anja Kohl, born on July 27, 1970, in Aschaffenburg, is a prominent German journalist and television presenter. She is a valued member of the stock exchange editorial team at Hessischer Rundfunk.

Who is Anja Kohl?

Anja Kohl is a German journalist and television presenter. Growing up in Aschaffenburg, Anja Kohl completed her education at Julius-Echter-Gymnasium in Elsenfeld in 1990. She pursued her academic journey by studying German, journalism, and political science in Bamberg, Mainz, and Baltimore. Since September 2001, she has been actively contributing to ARD, the German public broadcasting service. Anja is well-known as one of the faces of “Wirtschaft vor acht” (Economy before Eight), a program aired during the evening schedule on ARD.

Additionally, she provides valuable insights to viewers as part of the daily news program, “Tagesthemen.” Previously, she held roles at other prestigious ARD television news programs like Tagesschau, ARD-Morgenmagazin, and ARD-Mittagsmagazin. Between 1997 and 2000, Anja Kohl held significant roles in the finance realm, working for prominent institutions. She began her journey at the esteemed finance portal Bloomberg, specifically “Bloomberg TV,” based in London. Subsequently, she made her mark at the news channel “n-tv” in Berlin, where she served as the host for programs like “Märkte am Morgen” and “Gründer TV.” Additionally, Anja played a vital role as the duty manager for “Telebörse” during her tenure at “n-tv.”

In the year 2000, Anja decided to embark on a new path, joining the “Wiso” editorial team at ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen). In this role, she took on the crucial responsibilities of being the program’s section editor and presenter for “Wiso Geldtipp.” Her expertise and talent were evident as she skillfully informed and engaged viewers with insightful financial tips.

From 2003 to 2006, Anja Kohl expanded her horizons and embarked on an international journey, reporting from the trading floor in both German and English for the domestic and international program of “Deutsche Welle TV.” This opportunity allowed her to showcase her expertise and knowledge to a broader audience. Besides her journalism career, Anja Kohl has ventured into various other endeavors. Notably, on October 11, 2008, she showcased her expertise as a financial specialist in the WDR comedy show, “Dittsche.”

In 2009, she took on a different role as she played a television journalist in the ARD television film, “Frau Böhm sagt Nein,” featuring renowned actress Senta Berger. Moreover, on January 9, 2010, Anja delivered a commendatory speech for the Kastelruther Spatzen during the “Krone der Volksmusik” event.

Since January 2010, Anja Kohl has also been a valuable member of the Board of Trustees of World Vision Germany. In this capacity, she contributes her experience and expertise to advise the Executive Committee on various important matters.

In 2009, Anja Kohl faced criticism due to her extensive part-time engagements in banks and industries, raising concerns about the potential impact on her journalistic independence in public television. The issue was highlighted in a report by the NDR media magazine Zapp, which was further discussed and covered by other media outlets. However, HR spokesperson Tobias Hauser clarified that Anja had duly informed her employer about these activities. Being a freelancer at Hessischer Rundfunk, she was not required to seek approval for her sideline work. The matter was dubbed by Hauser as an “envy debate”.

Anja Kohl’s unique manner of speaking and her distinct moderation style, often incorporating stock market-related proverbs and sayings, have garnered attention in the media. In particular, her presentation style caught the eye of comedienne Martina Hill, who parodied Anja in the popular television show “Switch Reloaded.”

Is Anja Kohl Married?

Anja Kohl does not have any publicly available information about her marital status. However, information regarding her relationship or marital status is not disclosed. We will keep you updated if any information about her marital status comes out.

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