Irene Schuch Cause of Death: Full Details

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Irene Schuch can be described as a German athlete. Irene Schuch was born on November 20, 1935. She was born in Lützensömmern, Thuringia and competed for the GDR in the 1950s. Irene Schuch was regarded as one of the best discus throwers in her era. She used her name Stechemesser until 1956.

She competed at the at the GDR championships in 1955. She placed fourth after recording a throw of 41.92 meters. Irene Schuch also recorded a throw of 48.95 meters on June 17, 1956. With that throw, she became the first German to outmatch Gisela Mauermayer’s throw of 1936.

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Irene Schuch subsequently won her only GDR championship title at the GDR championship in 1956. She started using the name Irene Schuch after 1957. She qualified for the all-German team after placing second at the GDR Championships in 1958.

Irene Schuch was a member of the team that competed at the  1958 European Championships in Stockholm.
Irene Schuch outmatched Doris Müller’s GDR with a throw of 52.62 meters on June 14, 1959 in Leipzig. She did an improved throw of 55.01 meters in Slatynani, CSSR. That throw also outmatched Hausmann’s all-German record by 1.12 meters.

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Irene Schuch placed third in the discus throw at the Eastern Bloc student games, the UIE Sports Week and also placed fourth in the shot put. In the same year, she placed second with the discus and third with the ball at the GDR championships.

At the 1960 GDR championship, she placed second behind Doris Müller. Irene Schuch joined Doris Müller at the  1960 Olympic Games in Rome. Kriemhild Hausmann was also at the  1960 Olympic Games in Rome.

Irene Schuch Cause of Death

Irene Schuch was known to have died in Leipzig. She died on September 6, 2023, at the age of 87.

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The cause of her death is yet to be updated. She had a son called Thomas who was a 400 metres runner. Irene Schuch was educated as a physics labor worker.

Irene Schuch Marriage

Irene Schuch got married to the discus thrower Manfred Grieser on July 27, 1962. She became Irene Grieser and achieved her last championship placement in 1965 with third place in the discus throw. She was no longer able to qualify for international competitions after 1960. Irene Schuch was 1.72 m tall and had a competition weight of 78 kg.

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