How Many Hours From Ghana To UK

By | March 17, 2023

Overview of Ghana and UK

Ghana and the UK offer vastly different travel experiences, but there are several reasons why Ghanaians may choose to travel to the UK.

The UK is a popular travel destination for Ghanaians due to the historical, cultural, and economic ties between the two countries. Many Ghanaians have family and friends living in the UK, making it a popular destination for visiting loved ones.

The UK is also known for its world-class universities and educational institutions, making it a popular destination for Ghanaian students seeking higher education opportunities.

In terms of tourism, the UK offers a range of attractions, from historical landmarks such as Stonehenge and Buckingham Palace to cultural experiences like the West End theater district and music festivals. The UK also boasts of stunning natural landscapes, such as the Lake District and the Scottish Highlands.


How many hours from Ghana to the UK?

The exact hours from Ghana to the UK will depend on the specific mode of transport.

How many hours from Ghana to the UK via air?

The flight time between Accra (ACC) and London Heathrow (LHR) is around 11h 6m and covers a distance of around 3187 miles. This includes an average layover time of around 2h 52m.

To make sure you fall between the times stated, it is important to get to the airtime some hours before the actual flight departure time. This will help you clear all airport protocols before the flight is set to depart.

Your flight may transit to other countries such as Ethiopia. This may affect the total flight time. However, if you’re fortunate to get a direct flight, thus departing from Kotoka international airport to UK International Airport you’re likely to spend 12 hours total flight time.


How many hours from Ghana to the UK by car?

It is uncommon to hear someone traveling from Ghana to the UK by car. Someone may take this journey for a course, such as charity or others. The journey from Ghana to the UK by car could take over two weeks. You’ll drive through several countries.

Alternatively, travelers could take a combination of road and sea transportation, by driving from Ghana to a coastal country such as Senegal or Morocco, and then taking a ferry across the Mediterranean to a European country like Spain or Italy. From there, they could continue driving or take a train to reach the UK.


However, it is important to note that this journey would be long, complex, and potentially dangerous, with various logistical challenges and potential risks involved. Therefore, it is recommended that travelers explore alternative modes of transportation when traveling from Ghana to the UK.

Traveling by car could be very dangerous as you’ll be exposed to several barriers such as physical police and military post, thieves, bad road conditions, and more.

It is also prudent to get a permit to drive through all these countries.


What is the distance between UK and Ghana?

The distance from the UK to Ghana is about 4,927.5 miles (4,600 kilometers).


How much is a ticket from Ghana to the UK

The ticket is not a fixed price. The type of flight you take determines how much you spend. The economy is much less expensive than business and first-class flights.

The average economy flight cost for Ghana to the UK costs around USD$308.00. The average round-trip flight from Accra to UK costs $539

As with other tickets, the price of business class varies with dozens of factors, but in general, you can expect the typical price of an international business class ticket to range from $3,000 to $5,000+. For more information visit any legit booking site to find out.


Questions about hours from Ghana to UK

How Many Hours from Ghana to UK with KLM

According to it takes about 6 hours 30 minutes to fly from Accra (ACC) to UK (DXB).

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