Heinz Quermann Cause of Death: Full Details

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Heinz Quermann was born on February 10, 1921, in Hanover. Heinz Quermann was a television entertainer in the GDR. It must be noted that in 1936, Heinz Quermann was an apprentice in a bakery. He passed the acting exam in 1938 after he had had violin and acting lessons.

Heinz Quermann became the director of the theater in Köthen at the start of July 1945 based on the orders of the Soviet city commander Valentin Ivanovich Bogdanow. Subsequently, in 1947, Heinz Quermann was made the head of the entertainment department at the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk Leipzig, as well as an editor and speaker.

With the passage of time, Heinz Quermann became a popular emcee and in 1953, he moderated the Schlager Lotterie. It must be noted that he also moderated Da lacht der Bär from 1955 and Schlagerrevue from 1958.

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Heinz Quermann was known to have made a cameo appearance in the DEFA film Old Kahn and Young Love in 1957. In 1960, he also made an appearance in the DEFA film Silvesterpunsch. It needs to be emphasized that Heinz Quermann has also worked as an editor, director, emcee and talent scout.

He had a talent competition on television called Heartbeat Free and through the show, he was able to promote a lot of talents including  Frank Schöbel, Chris Doerk, Winfried Krause and Dagmar Frederic. He was a member of the LDPD. Heinz Quermann is known to have designed 2,500 programs on radio and GDR television as well as around 7,500 events.

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Heinz Quermann Cause of Death

Heinz Quermann got married to broadcaster Ruth Peter-Quermann. She died in 1994 but they had a daughter; Petra Werner-Quermann. Heinz Quermann died on October 14, 2003.

He was 82 years old at the time of his death. He was buried in the Grünau forest cemetery. The cause of his death is not known but prior to his death, he was suffering from dementia.


Some of the films Heinz Quermann made appearances in include 1957: Old Boat and young love, 1960: New Year’s Eve Punch and 1961: A Handful of notes

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While alive, Heinz Quermann won some awards. Some of these awards are the 1959: GDR Art Prize, 1968: Prize for Popular Artistic Creation, 1973: National Front Badge of Honor, 1977: National Prize of the GDR, 2nd Class for art and Literature, 1980: Banner of Work Level II (in the collective: “ There’s music in there ”), 1980: FDGB Art Prize, 1986: Patriotic Order of Merit in gold, 2000: Golden Hen for his life’s work and 2001: Order of Merit of the State of Berlin. His publications include Goodbye and Wave, your Heinz the Quermann. From the artist’s estate. Eulenspiegel-Verlag, Berlin 2006, and Your Heinz, the Quermann: my colorful memories. Ullstein, Frankfurt/Main; Berlin 1992.







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