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Gum Graft: Before And After. June 2023

We encounter a lot of terms and symptoms that, most of the time, we have no understanding what they mean. We just know the word and perhaps what we are feeling, but we are always baffled by the true nature of the illness.

Gum Graft is one example. We will explain what a gum graft is in this article so that you will understand it completely if you ever need one and know exactly what to do. Let’s start by knowing what Gum Graft is.

What Is Gum Graft?

In a form of surgery called gum grafting, the gum tissue is removed from one area of the mouth and transplanted to another area where the gums have receded, usually to hide exposed tooth roots.

In order to promote healing and restore healthy gum tissue around the teeth, it entails grafting tissue onto the areas of gum recession using the patient’s own mouth or tissue from a donor source.

The method equally contributes to restoring gum coverage, lowering tooth sensitivity, enhancing gum health, and improving smile aesthetics.

What Exactly Does Gum Graft Involve?

When you talk about gum graft, it involves a series of processes and stages. Below are some of the things you should expect if you are looking at going through with the procedure.

Planning and Evaluation: This is the first stage of the procedure. To identify the degree of gum recession and evaluate the overall oral health, the periodontist will perform a comprehensive examination of the gums and teeth. A treatment strategy will be created to cater to the patient’s particular needs based on the findings.

Anesthesia: You should bear in mind that gum grafting comes with anesthesia. To make sure you are at ease throughout the surgery, local anesthetic is frequently given to numb the area where the gum grafting will be done.

Donor Tissue Harvesting: There are chances that your tissues will not be used for the procedure. Should this be the case, the palate (roof of the mouth) or another portion of the mouth will typically serve as the donor site from which the periodontist will remove gum tissue. The tissue is carefully removed while taking into account the required amount and the desired result.

Graft Placement: After being carefully applied, the extracted gum tissue covers the tooth roots that have been exposed as a result of gum recession. Depending on the type of transplant utilized, the tissue may be fixed in place using sutures or other methods.

Care After Procedure: The patient will be given information on how to take care of the graft site and maintain good oral hygiene after the gum grafting surgery. To speed up healing and stop infection, doctors may prescribe painkillers, antibiotics, and a special mouthwash. The healing process will be followed up on with periodic appointments.

Healing and Recovery: The transplanted tissue integrates with the surrounding gum tissue and heals, gum coverage is restored, and gum health is enhanced. Patients should adhere to postoperative recommendations, practice proper dental hygiene, and refrain from specific meals and activities that could impede the healing process.

How Long Does Gum Graft Last?

You can anticipate a gum graft to last a lifetime, but you’ll need to maintain daily dental hygiene if you want it to stay in place. This entails using a soft-bristled toothbrush and paying attention to the amount of pressure you apply to your toothbrush.

Is Gum Graft Painful?

Gum grafting itself is a painless process. This is because the affected area is made numb using a local anesthetic. This surgery is usually carried out by a periodontist, a dental specialist in gum disease and the gums. Instead, while your periodontist completes the operation, you could feel some pressure or movement.

Is Gum Grafting Permanent?

Yes, it is permanent. It helps to ease discomfort, cover the exposed root permanently, and restore the gums’ healthy condition.

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