Giulia de Lelli’s Boyfriend. All you need to know

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Giulia De Lellis, born on January 15, 1996, in Zagarolo, Italy, is a prominent Italian television personality who gained recognition for her appearances on the popular show “Uomini e donne.” Beyond her television career, she also ventured into writing, co-authoring an autobiographical book titled “Le corna stanno bene su tutto. Ma io stavo meglio senza!” with the assistance of writer Stella Pulpo.

Early Life and Education

Giulia De Lellis was born in Zagarolo, Italy, and raised in Pomezia. Her educational journey led her to the Professional Institute of Fashion and Art in Nettuno, where she completed her studies.


De Lellis embarked on her television career in 2016 when she became a part of various TV entertainment programs, most notably “Uomini e donne” and “Grande Fratello VIP.” Her engaging presence and captivating personality quickly endeared her to audiences.

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Starting in 2018, Giulia De Lellis took on the role of a brand ambassador, representing a range of advertising campaigns. Notably, she became associated with prestigious brands like Maybelline and Blumarine, enhancing her public profile and visibility.

In 2019, Giulia co-authored the book “Le corna stanno bene su tutto. Ma io stavo meglio senza!” alongside Stella Pulpo. Published by Mondadori, this autobiographical work delves into her personal experiences and relationships, with a significant focus on her romantic involvement with Andrea Damante. The relationship began on “Uomini e donne” in 2016.

The book achieved considerable success, selling over a hundred thousand copies within a few months and earning the title of Italy’s best-selling book on Amazon for the year.

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Giulia De Lellis ventured into acting in 2019 with her debut in the web series “Una vita in bianco,” which was distributed on the online platform Witty TV. In 2021, she was featured in the film “Genitori vs Influencer,” directed by Michela Andreozzi. This film received a nomination for Best Comedy Film at the Nastri d’argento 2021, further highlighting her versatility in the entertainment industry.

In 2020, she co-hosted the entertainment program “Giortì” alongside Gemma Galgani, which was launched on Mediaset Play and Witty TV on December 24. This show rapidly gained popularity and became one of the most-watched programs online. In 2021, Giulia De Lellis was chosen to host the first Italian edition of the reality show “Love Island,” which aired on Discovery+.

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In 2023, Giulia returned to hosting the beauty talent show “Call of Beauty,” where she co-hosted with makeup artist Manuele Mameli. Following this, she presented the relationship-based program “Amore alla Prova – La Prova del Settimo Anno.” Both of these shows were broadcast on Real Time.

Who is Giulia De Lellis’s Boyfriend?

Giulia De Lellis, the Italian television personality, has had several notable relationships in her life. She was previously engaged to Italian singer Irama, but their relationship came to an end due to personal reasons.

After that, she was in a relationship with Andrea Damante; however, this too ended in separation in 2018. In 2022, Giulia began a new romantic relationship with Carlo Gussalli.



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