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Ghana To Dubai Visa Price. May 2023

Why People Are Travelling To Dubai

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Currently, Dubai is one of the enthralling cities in the world. This comes with no surprise to people who have travelled to Dubai before. There are many reasons why people opt to travel from Ghana Dubai and some of the notable reasons are: trading, tourism, work, video recording, education and etc. Do you know that the world’s tallest building, which is 829.8 meters is located in Dubai? The name of this building is Burj Khalifa. Dubai Aquarium (an underwater zoo), Burj al-Arab (the world’s tallest hotel), Jumeirah Beach and Dubai Opera are all some of the major tourist attractions in Dubai.

What You Need In Order To Travel To Dubai

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The first thing required of an individual who wants to travel to Dubai, is a Dubai Visa. Do you really want to know the “Ghana to Dubai Visa Price”? If yes, then I’ve got you covered! The prices of the various Dubai Visas are influenced by one’s intent or purpose of travel. That is, the duration of stay of an individual in Dubai upon arrival and in some cases, the activities (schooling, education, trading, tourism, etc) that the individual will undertake upon arrival.


Ghana To Dubai Visa Price

Below is the “Ghana To Dubai Visa Price” breakdown.

Dubai Visas And Their Costs (in Cedis)

  • Tourist Visa – 463
  • 96 hours – 193
  • 14 days Visa – 463
  • Express Tourist Visa – 571
  • Express 96 hours Visa – 301
  • Express 14 days Visa – 571
  • 90 Days Visa – 952
  • 90 Days Multi-Entry Long Term Visa – 2320
  • 90 Days Multi-Entry Short Term Visa – 917 
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