Ghana Fire Service Salary Structure


We bring you the salary of fire service in Ghana.

The Ghana fire service is an organization under the Ghana Ministry of Interior. Established some two decades ago with a sole aim of preventing and managing unexampled fire outbreak in Ghana.

The Ghana Fire Service all over Ghana has about 6,000 workers, which includes highly ranked and qualified professionals.

The individuals working under the Ghana Fire Service, especially those that goes on the field are known as Firefighters. They play a very important role in the safety of the citizens in Ghana by conducting rescue efforts.

The Ghana Fire Service determines sites that has a high risk and conduct preventive fire inspections. The service trains individuals in fire patrol and prevention to make them ready for field work.

The Ghana fire makes sure to document all fire protection cases as times goes on. Lets take a look at some duties of the Ghana Fire Service.


Duties of the Ghana Fire Service

  1. They attend to fire alarms and calls for help such as machine industries and company accidents, bomb menace and other emergencies.

2. Coordinate and evaluate fire drills.

3. Gives fire prevention education to the public.

4. They control and eliminate fires using manual and power machines and chemical used in fire fighting.

5. Recommend special equipment for the establishment of industries to prevent future fire outbreak.

6. They prevent or limit the use of chemicals that can bring about the outbreak of fire.

7. And last but not least, the rescue people from fire outbreak scenes and people trapped in such accidents.


Rank Structure of the Ghana Fire Service

Just like every group or organization, the Ghana Fire Service also has ranks. From highest to lowest, each having the roles to play.

The rank structure signals the levels of command of the administrative and operational management of the service. The rank is there to ensure a division of labour, order and respect in the service.

They have senior officers and junior officers with each having ranks under. The highest rank of the Ghana Fire Service is the Chief Fire Officer (CFO) and the lowest is the Recruit Fireman (FM) or the Recruit Firewoman (FW). Find the various ranks below.

Rank Of Senior Officers

Chief Fire Officer (CFO)

Deputy Chief Fire Officer (DCFO)

Assistant Chief Fire Officer (ACFO)

Divisional Officer Grade One (DO I)

Divisional Officer Grade Two (DO II)

Divisional Officer Grade Three (DO III)

Assistant Divisional Officer Grade One (ADO I)

Assistant Divisional Officer Grade Two (ADO II)

Cadet Officer (CO)


Rank Of Junior Officers

Station Officer Grade One (STN/OI) or Group Officer Grade One (GO I)

Station Officer Grade Two (STN/OII) or Group Officer Grade Two (GO II)

Assistant Station Officer (ASO) or Deputy Group Officer (DGO)

Subordinate Officer (SUB/O)

Leading Fireman (LFM) or Leading Firewoman (LFW)

Senior Fireman (SFM) or Senior Firewoman (SFW)

Fireman (FM) or Firewoman (FW)

Recruit Fireman (RFM) or Recruit Firewoman (RFW)


Ghana Fire Service Salary

Ghana Fire Service Salary- GHS 589.51 TO GHS 2,412.31 per month.

Everyone knows how the service risk their lives for the people of Ghana. How much do they receive after attending to fire scenes?

The Ghana Fire Service Salary vary according to ranks. The specific amount paid for every rank is not known to the public. But it is believed that, people working under the Ghana Fire Service receives an amount ranging from GHS 589.51 TO GHS 2,412.31 per month.

Aside what they receive at the end of every month, they also get some allowances which is also not yet known to the public.

The salary for the Ghana Fire Service os quit debatable but it is believed to be no different from that of the Ghana Police Service.

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