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The music industry will never forget Gerry Rafferty, a singer-songwriter with a talent for creating enduring melodies and moving lyrics. Even though fame’s highs and lows shaped his life, his legacy as a remarkable artist lives on.

Early Life

Gerry Rafferty was born in Paisley, Scotland on April 16, 1947. From a young age, music was a big part of his life, and he was particularly drawn to the sounds of folk, rock, and pop. Rafferty’s developing love for the arts was greatly influenced by the musical passion of his coal miner father.


Rafferty and Joe Egan co-founded the folk-rock group Stealer’s Wheel in 1972. With the help of their number-one single, “Stuck in the Middle with You,” the band enjoyed tremendous success. The song’s memorable melody and astute lyrics helped it become a classic of 1970s music that is still loved today.

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Despite the popularity of Stealer’s Wheel, Rafferty’s solo career was what really made him famous on a global scale. With the iconic hit “Baker Street,” his 1978 album “City to City” became a career milestone. The song became a timeless classic of the time due to its eerie saxophone riff and reflective lyrics, which connected with listeners all over the world.

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Rafferty continued to release successful albums, including “Night Owl” in 1979. The title track, “Night Owl,” and “Days Gone Down” were among the standout songs on the album, showcasing his ability to craft emotive and relatable music.

Personal Challenges and Artistic Highs

As Gerry Rafferty’s career flourished, he also grappled with personal challenges, particularly issues related to alcohol and mental health. These struggles often cast a shadow over his life but did not diminish the brilliance of his music.

What was Gerry Rafferty’s Cause of Death?

Gerry Rafferty passed away on January 14, 2011 at the age of 63. The cause of death was attributed to liver failure, a consequence of his long-standing struggle with alcoholism.

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Rafferty’s music continues to be loved by listeners of all ages, whether it be the classic “Baker Street” or his heartfelt ballads. His life and career, which were distinguished by artistic excellence and personal struggles, serve as a moving reminder of the capacity of music to touch the soul and forge deep connections between individuals.


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