General Art Courses In Legon For Academic Year

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The very nature of university-level arts courses necessitates a favorable attitude toward the course’s underlying notion.

To begin with, arts courses in colleges around the world are primarily aimed to help students appreciate their surroundings.

Second, it enables you to comprehend the diversity of people who live around the world, as well as how they behave.

In addition, the world of art courses at universities draws out a person’s natural qualities and talents. In reality, a fair literacy in an art course at a college will help you make a difference regardless of your sector of work.

Are you wondering whether you can do a course at the University of Ghana, Legon with General art? Then you are at the right place.

In this post, I am going to take you through the number of courses you can do at the University Of Ghana with General Arts. But before we get into that, let’s look at the general admission requirement of University of Ghana.

General Arts Courses Admission Requirement Legon

First of all, WASSCE applicants must get at least from A1 to C6 in all the subjects written to get admission to read a general art course at UG Legon.. For this reason, you must obtain from A1 to C6 in all your core subjects.

Entry Requirements For Courses For General Arts Students In Legon

In order to get admitted to Legon, you must have the following grades in Elective Subjects.

In addition to receiving good results in your core subjects, you should receive grades ranging from A1 to C6 in all of your elective topics in order to be admitted to the university to study general arts.

Please note that the University of Ghana computes your aggregate for admission using your best three core studies and three choice subjects.

The WASSCE or Senior High School subject combination that is used to compute your aggregate is sometimes determined by the sort of program you choose.

Notably, the university will admit students to science-related programs at Legon based on English, Core Mathematics, and Integrated Science.

In addition, the University of Ghana’s Arts Faculty primarily uses English, Core Mathematics, and Social Studies to accept students to humanity-related disciplines.

In Legon, general arts courses are classified as humanities courses. Let’s take a look at the University of Ghana’s list of general art programs.

General Arts Courses In Legon And Cut Off Points

Course  Cut Off Points
Bachelor Of Science In Nursing  15
Bachelor of Science in Midwifery 14
Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences 13
Bachelor Of Science In Information Technology 16
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture  20
Bachelor Of Science In Family And Consumer Sciences (Food and Clothing) 21
Bachelor Of Science In Family And Consumer Sciences (Family and Child Studies 21
Bachelor Of Arts 16
Bachelor Of Science In Business Administration 10


Courses Cut Off Point
Bachelor Of Laws (LLB) 10
Bachelor Of Fine Arts 16
BA Education (English) 18
BA Education (Non-Teaching) 18
BA Sport and Physical Culture Studies 16
BSc. Education (Mathematics) 14


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