Gary Lineker Net Worth. How much is he worth?

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Football legend Gary Lineker was born in Leicester, England, on November 30, 1960. He is renowned for his goal-scoring prowess, sportsmanship, and later, his lucrative career as a sports commentator. As a result of his influence on football, both as a player and a personality, Lineker is held in high regard across the sports world.

Early Life and Career

In 1978, he started his professional career with Leicester City, the team from his hometown. Larger teams soon noticed Lineker’s goal-scoring ability, which resulted in a 1985 transfer to Everton.

The England national team’s international career with Gary Lineker is especially notable. In the FIFA World Cups of 1986 and 1990, he played for England. Lineker ended as the tournament’s best scorer in 1986, and his outstanding efforts won him the Golden Boot.

Lineker is notably regarded for his fair play on the pitch. He was a striker, yet during his whole professional career, he is renowned for never having been given a yellow or red card.

Apart from his achievements in international competitions, Lineker had a highly productive career in clubs. He was a player for several elite teams, such as Tottenham Hotspur and Barcelona. He won the European Cup Winners’ Cup and the Copa del Rey during his particularly prosperous tenure at Barcelona.

Due to his outstanding scoring performances, Gary Lineker was named the Golden Boot winner of the 1984–85 and 1985–86 English Premier Leagues.

In 1994, Gary Lineker announced his retirement from professional football. He moved into sports broadcasting with ease. His friendly demeanor and perceptive judgment made him an ideal candidate for television. On the BBC’s Match of the Day, Lineker has been a well-known personality who offers analysis and commentary on football games.

In addition to his services to sport, Lineker is active in several charitable causes. He has contributed to charity initiatives, such as the fight against malaria in Africa.

Along with former ITV Controller Tony Pastor, Lineker co-founded his production firm, Goalhanger Films Ltd., in May 2014. Under the moniker “Blahzil,” Lineker presented some short films that were created by Goalhanger Films and uploaded to YouTube during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The organization further demonstrated its ability in May 2015 when it produced a 60-minute documentary for the BBC titled “Gary Lineker on the Road to FA Cup Glory,” which was delivered by Lineker himself.

Apart from these endeavors, Lineker is also working with Goalhanger Podcasts, where he oversees projects including The Rest is Football, The Rest is Politics, and The Rest is History. Co-hosted by Alan Shearer and Micah Richards, the latter gives Lineker a forum to explore a range of football-related topics and perspectives.

How much is Gary Lineker Worth?

Gary Lineker has an estimated net worth of about £30 million.



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