Gabriele Costanzo Girlfriend. All you need to know

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Gabriele Costanzo, the only son of the iconic television personalities Maria De Filippi and Maurizio Costanzo, has not only inherited the legacy of his famous parents but has also carved his path in the entertainment industry. Gabriele was born in Rome on January 31, 1991.

Early Life

Early in her childhood, Gabriele lived in an orphanage until she was able to find a permanent family. He was given stability and a loving atmosphere when Maurizio Costanzo and Maria De Filippi adopted him when he was twelve years old.

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After graduating from college in 2009, Gabriele made a risky move into the television production industry. After joining the staff at Fascino, he contributed significantly to shows that his parents presented in his capacity as an assistant producer. Part of his duties was supervising the “Men and Women” casting process and managing episode editing.

Beginning in 2017, Gabriele broadened his horizons by working with his father on the popular discussion program, the Maurizio Costanzo program.

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Gabriele made her foray into the world of entrepreneurship in 2021 when she and two former Friends rivals co-founded a project. This action showed his dedication to investigating uncharted territory in the media world.


Even though he comes from a well-known family, Gabriele has kept his personal life quite private. After using Instagram for a while, he decided to shut down his account to maintain the feeling of closeness.

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Maurizio Costanzo’s two children, a brother and a sister, and Gabriele Costanzo share the focus. Saverio, the second son of the former couple, is a filmmaker and screenwriter, while Camilla, the child of Maurizio’s marriage to Flaminia Morandi, is a screenwriter.

Who is Gabriele Costanzo’s Girlfriend?

Gabriele Costanzo was in a romantic relationship with Francesca Quattrini in 2019. In 2021, Maria De Filippi confirmed their breakup. Currently, there is no information about Gabriele’s relationship status.


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