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Fritz Schulz was a well-known German lawyer and legal. Acknowledged as one of the most influential researchers in Roman law of the 20th century, Schulz’s life and work were characterized by political unrest, obstacles from the Nazi dictatorship, and intellectual prowess.


Fritz Schulz was born on June 16, 1879, in Bunzlau, Lower Silesia, German Empire (now Boleslawiec, Poland). Fritz Schulz was born into a mixed-race household; his mother was Jewish by birth but became a Christian during Fritz’s early years. His father was a Protestant. He began his academic career in 1899, studying law in Berlin and Breslau (now Wrocław). Schulz acquired his habilitation at the University of Freiburg in Breisgau in 1905 after earning his doctorate iuris from the University of Breslau.

His career advanced quickly, and he was appointed to full professorships in Göttingen (1916), Bonn (1923), Kiel (1912), and Innsbruck (1910). Schulz strongly backed the liberal Deutsche Demokratische Partei, which was dedicated to preserving Germany’s precarious democratic system, while he was a resident of Göttingen.

In 1931, Schulz reached the pinnacle of his academic career by accepting a prestigious professorship at the University of Berlin. However, the rise of the Nazi regime abruptly disrupted his flourishing career. In 1934, Schulz was forcefully transferred to the University of Frankfurt am Main and subsequently compelled to retire in 1935 due to his political stance and Jewish origins.

Despite the challenges, Schulz initially remained in Germany until 1939 when he emigrated, first to the Netherlands and later to Oxford, England. Financial support from sources such as the Oxford University Press and the Rockefeller Foundation enabled him to survive in exile. Schulz chose not to return to Germany after World War II but delivered guest lectures at German universities.

In 1947, he became a British subject, receiving an honorary doctorate from the University of Frankfurt am Main in 1949. Schulz’s contributions were celebrated with a Festschrift on his 70th birthday. He was also appointed Honorary Professor at the University of Bonn (1951) and became a member of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei in Rome (1952). Fritz Schulz passed away in Oxford on November 12, 1957.

Fritz Schulz Parents

Fritz Schulz’s father was a protestant and his mother was from a Jewish family.

Fritz Schulz Age, Height, Weight, Birthdate

Height N/A
Weight N/A
Birthdate June 16, 1879


Fritz Schulz’s Wife/Girlfriend

There is no available information about the wife of Fritz Schulz.

Fritz Schulz Children

No information about Fritz Schulz’s children.

Fritz Schulz’s Net Worth

Fritz Schulz’s net worth was not revealed at the time of his death.


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