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Filippo Laganà, born under the lovely sign of Libra on October 15, 1994, was raised in Rome. His parents, Rodolfo Laganà, was an actor, and he also had a photographer for a father, so his early years were certainly filled with an allure of art and culture. Growing up, he spent a lot of time in theaters and was surrounded by creative people, so he found his calling at a young age.


Filippo decided to veer off course and explore the culinary arts when he was still in high school studying languages. He signed up for a culinary class because he wanted to be a chef. But fate had other ideas, and he had to give up his aspirations of becoming a chef due to a terrible allergy to his hands. However, this turn of events helped him discover that acting was his actual calling.


Filippo started on a path of self-discovery and developed his acting skills by going to a lot of courses. He soon discovered that he was leaving his imprint in both theater and film, receiving praise and acknowledgment for his abilities.

Getting a big part in Carlo Vanzina’s “Miami Beach” was one of the most important turns in Filippo Laganà’s career. This was a big turning point that put him in the public eye. His acting abilities were also showcased to television viewers in well-known dramas including “Flying Squad” and “Ladies’ Paradise.”

Remarkably, Filippo’s journey became the subject of a film, “Amici per la pelle,” directed by Pierluigi Di Lallo. Airing on Rai 1 on April 9, 2023, the film features a stellar cast including Milena Miconi, Nancy Brilli, Massimo Ghini, and, of course, Filippo himself, portraying his own life story.

Beyond the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry, Filippo Laganà has faced significant challenges. A past illness forced him to take a hiatus from his burgeoning career, eventually leading to a life-saving liver transplant. Immunosuppressed for a period after the transplant, Filippo emerged from this health ordeal with resilience and a determination to make a positive impact.

During the challenging times of the COVID-19 epidemic, Filippo leveraged his personal experience to send a crucial message. Having navigated a period of immunosuppression, he emphasized the importance of collective precautions to safeguard individuals with compromised immune systems.

Who are Filippo Laganà Parents?

Rodolfo Lagana is the father of Filippo Laganà. However, the name of his mother is not revealed to the public.


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