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Fialdini is an Italian television and radio host. She was born on October 11, 1979, in Massa. She graduated from the Sapienza University of Rome and read a course in Communication Sciences.

He worked as a collaborator for the foreign editorial staff and as a news anchor on Vatican Radio in 2004. She also worked for Rai 1,  Fox, Rai 2, Rai Radio 1 as well as Rai Premium.

She was the host of Premio Strega alongside Luca Salerno on Rai 1in July 2012 and was part of the conduction of the last 8 episodes of Volo in diretta on Rai 3.

Some programmes she has hosted include the weekly column of cinema Moviextra, the first two episodes of Movie Talk, as well as the talk version of the column Movie Drugstore, on Rai Movie.

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Some of the TV shows, Fialdini has been involved with include A sua immagine (Rai 1, 2005–2013), Videozine (Fox, 2008–2012), Cultbook – Storie (Rai 2, 2010–2012), Fictionmania (Rai Premium, 2012–2014) correspondent, Volo in diretta (Rai 3, 2013), Moviextra (Rai Movie, 2013–2014), Movie Talk (Rai Movie, 2013), Cine Talk (Rai Movie, 2013–2014), Unomattina in famiglia (Rai 1, 2013–2014) and Unomattina (Rai 1, 2014–2017).

Others are La partita del cuore (Rai 1, 2016), Premio Biagio Agnes (Rai 1, 2016–2018), Concerto di Natale dal Senato (Rai 1, 2016–2017), La vita in diretta (Rai 1, 2017–2019), 60 Zecchini (Rai 1, 2017) oather, In viaggio con lei (Rai 3, 2018), Tutti a scuola (Rai 1, 2019) and Da noi… a ruota libera (Rai 1, dal 2019).

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On radio, she has hosted shows such as Radiogiornale (Radio Vaticana, 2004), Un’estate fa (Rai Radio 1, 2010), Milledonne e un uomo (Rai Radio 2, 2020) and Radio 2 a ruota libera (Rai Radio 2, dal 2021).

She played a role in Un passo dal cielo, directed by Riccardo Donna – tv series, episode 5×02 (2019). She has authored two books; Il sogno di un venditore di accendini, Città Nuova, 2016 and Charlie e l’ocarina, Paoline Editoriale Libri, 2019.

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The awards to her credit include 2015 – Grand Prix Corallo, Alghero and 2016 – Premio Internazionale di giornalismo di Ischia, Lacco Ameno

Fialdini Engaged

Fialdini is believed to be in a relationship with one Milo. The relationship between Fialdini and Milo is believed to have begun in 2009.

She stands at 170 centimeters and weighs 55 kilograms. Others also believe that she may be having a relationship with Samuele Bersani. Regardless, it is possible that she is single as of now.

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