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Ernst Stahl-Nachbaur  was a German film actor. He was born on March 6, 1886. Over the period of time, he was alive. Ernst Stahl-Nachbaur made appearances in a lot of films. He was expected to become a military man in the Bavarian Infantry Life Regiment.

He went against the wishes of his father and focused on his acting career. An honor he received was the 1956: Cross of Merit 1st Class of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Some of these films are Das Geschlecht der Schelme. 1. Teil (1917), Das verlorene Paradies (1917) Eugen Onegin (1919) – Fürst Gremin, Zwischen Tod und Leben (1919) – Fritz Nettenmair, Fidelio (1919) – Gouveneur, Pogrom (1919) – Krassowsky,Maria Pavlowna (1919) – Polizist Maximowitsch,Aus eines Mannes Mädchenjahren (1919), König Nicolo (1919) – King Nicolo, Lillis Ehe (1919) – Dr. Goldmann, Lilli (1919) – Count von Simon, Zwischen neun und neun (1919) – Stanislaus Demba, Zwangsliebe im Freistaat (1919) – Dr. Erhardt Kraft, Der verführte Heilige (1919), Gewalt gegen Recht (1920) – Minister, Satanas (1920) – Prince Alfonso d’Este, Die Welt ohne Hunger (1920) – Fred Bell, Narrentanz der Liebe (1920) – Student Alfred Freese, Johannes Goth (1920) – Johannes Goth and Panic in the House of Ardon (1920) – Welteroberer.

Others are Sieger Tod (1920) – Prof. Ernst Gorrit, Intrigue (1920) – Luigi Paoli, Sekretär des Marchese, Nixchen (1920) – Herbert Gröndal (Ehemann), The Marquise of O (1920) – Felippo, The Bull of Olivera (1921) – Leutnant Herbaut, Hazard (1921) – Der strenge Gatte, The Amazon (1921), About the Son (1921), The Oath of Peter Hergatz (1921), Die Schuldige (1921) – Graf von Friesen, Christopher Columbus (1923) – Duke of Medina-Celli, All for Money (1923) – Direktor der Goliath-Werke and Modern Marriages (1924) – Baron von Norden.

He also made appearances in Attorney for the Heart (1927) – James Rigdon, Under Suspicion (1928) – Commissioner Dr. Bernburg, Berlin After Dark (1928), The Republic of Flappers (1928) – John Enders, Flucht vor Blond (1928), Scandal in Baden-Baden (1929) – John Leeds and Nachtgestalten (1929).

Stahl-Nachbaur was born in Munich, Germany and died at age 74 in West Berlin. He died on May 13, 1960.

Ernst Stahl-Nachbaur’s Biography, Wikipedia

His details are available on Wikipedia.

Ernst Stahl-Nachbaur’s Age, Birth Date

Ernst Stahl-Nachbaur was born on March 6, 1886, and died at age 74 in West Berlin.

Ernst Stahl-Nachbaur’s Parents

He was born to a public prosecutor, Dr. Guggenheimer. The details of her mother are yet to be updated.

Ernst Stahl-Nachbaur’s Girlfriend, Wife, , Children

He was married to the actress Carola Toelle. Details of his children are yet to be updated.

Ernst Stahl-Nachbaur’s Height, Weight

His weight and height are currently not available.

Ernst Stahl-Nachbaur’s Net Worth

At the time of his death, his net worth was $16 million.

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