Eleonora Berlusconi Brothers And Sisters; Full Details

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Eleonora Berlusconi is a woman who continues to make strides in various sectors, showcasing her entrepreneurial prowess and commitment to carrying forward the Berlusconi legacy.

Her contributions to the business world and her dedication to philanthropy have gained her respect and recognition in Italy and beyond.

Who Is Eleonora Berlusconi?

Eleonora Berlusconi is a prominent businesswoman born on May 7, 1986. She is the fourth daughter of the late Silvio Berlusconi, a political and media figure in Italy.

Eleonora had the opportunity to experience the turbulent world of business and politics from a young age because she grew up in the influential Berlusconi family.

Eleonora pursued her interest in business administration after finishing her schooling at Liceo Villoresi in Monza by enrolling at the prestigious St. John University in New York. She studied Business Management and obtained practical experience through an internship in American television while there.

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Eleonora began her professional career in 2010 when she joined Mediaset, a well-known media company founded by her father. She offered her skills and knowledge to the company’s operations, helping it to succeed. Eleonora, like her sister Barbara, became active in the management of the Milan Onlus Foundation, the charitable organisation linked with the prestigious Milan football team.

Berlusconi, along with her siblings Barbara and Luigi, is a co-owner of Italian Holding Fourteenth (H14). H14 owns a considerable (24.2%) stake in Fininvest, a major Italian company. Eleonora actively participates in the family’s diversified business empire through her role with H14 and Fininvest.

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Eleonora entered into entrepreneurship in 2011, becoming the chairwoman and CEO of Telecommunication Companies (TCC). TCC is a dynamic start-up that provides online telecommunications services to businesses and consumers. Her imaginative leadership and strategic expertise were instrumental in establishing TCC as an industry leader.

Recognising the need for a credible business publication in Italy, Eleonora also founded Forbes.IT, the Italian edition of the internationally known Forbes Business magazine. She sought to assist businesses and professionals alike by providing useful insights and information to the Italian business community through Forbes.IT.

Eleonora launched Eleonora Berlusconi Fashion (EBF) in 2017, a luxury apparel line for ladies who want to express their personality and flair. EBF is known for its precisely created designs and attention to quality and refinement. Berlusconi has successfully created EBF as a major brand in the fashion sector, with a shop in Milan and a thriving online store.

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Despite her great financial achievements, Eleonora Berlusconi has kept her personal life extremely secret. Her relationship with English model Guy Binns was one that drew media attention.

They started dating in 2011 and have three kids: Riccardo, Flora, and Artemisia. Unfortunately, the relationship was terminated in 2022 due to treachery charges.

Eleonora Berlusconi Brothers And Sisters

Eleonora Berlusconi has four siblings by the names of Marina Berlusconi, Pier Silvio Berlusconi, Barbara Berlusconi, and Luigi Berlusconi.




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