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By | September 3, 2022

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About Eddie Braun

In Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and Star Trek: Insurrection, Eddie Braun worked as a stuntman, stunt actor, and stunt coordinator. Star Trek: VI

On the bridge of the Excelsior, Braun has played a crew member.

Along with stuntmen Joey Box, Brian Avery, and Brian J. Williams, one of his stunt scenes in Star Trek: Insurrection as a Tarlac officer, which involved a ten-meter-high precipice on a cliff, was eliminated from the final cut of the movie.

Eddie Braun’s Wikipedia entry is not currently filled with any information.

Braun has doubled for celebrities including Michael Paré and Armand, and in 2002 he was nominated for the Taurus World Stunt Award for best stunt coordination for the movie Rush Hour 2.

He has long served as Charlie Sheen’s stunt double, together with Assante.

He has appeared in movies such as St. Helens (1981), Survival Game (1990), Navy Seals (1990), Hot Shots! (1991), and many others.

In addition, Braun has worked on television shows such Texas Ranger, Spy TV, Firefly, Strong Medicine, Dr. Vegas, Walker, and Deadly Games (alongside Christopher Lloyd).

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Eddie Braun Net Worth

Eddie Braun, a former NFL slotback, is worth between $200,000 and $150 million. He has amassed a net worth of around $150 million thanks to his salary and other sources of income. Despite being a contentious figure, he makes a respectable living and spends a lot of time on YouTube. As he gains greater exposure, his profits will probably increase. When the UFC star is 50 years old, his net worth will be around $150 million.

Braun first encountered the well-known daredevil Evel Knievel when he was a little boy. He has since established a lucrative career in Hollywood as a stuntman. He has performed stunts as well as collaborated with numerous actors and well-known figures. Eddie Braun can be recognized as a stuntman by the tattoo of his name on his neck. And he’s a man you should follow with a net worth of over $85 million.

Eddie Braun’s Age

Eddie Braun is a 59-year-old man.

His birth took place on November 23, 1961.

Who Is Eddie Braun’s Wife?

Tamara Braun is Eddie Braun’s wife.

He hasn’t yet given the media many details about his marriage.

Know About Eddie Braun’s Family

The internet contains no information about Eddie Braun’s family.

He has shielded the media from knowing anything about his family.

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