Djamila Rowe Ex-Boyfriend: Full Details

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Who is Djamila Rowe’s ex-boyfriend? How many ex-boyfriends does Djamila Rowe have? Did Djamila Rowe have a baby with her ex-boyfriend? Is Djamila Rowe in a relationship as of July 2023?

Read on as we provide you with all the relevant details regarding Djamila Rowe’s ex-boyfriend and her love life in general.

Who Is Djamila Rowe?

Djamila Rowe is a famous German make-up artist born on August 1, 1967, in East Berlin. She first became famous in 2002 after she came up with a story that she had an affair with then-Swiss Ambassador Thomas Borer.

It later turned out that it was all fake which made her famous by the way but for the wrong reasons. She was tagged with all sorts of names such as “celebrity slut”, “slut”, “botox chick”, “embassy slut”, etc.

It became even worse after she went in for a cosmetic surgery

However, with time, she began to win the hearts of the public. The TV show “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here” in 2023 offered her the opportunity to change the perception people have about her.

By the time the show was over, Rowe managed to change the perception people have about her to the extent that her win was tagged as a “TV Triumph”. She was crowned Jungle Queen at the end of the Season 16 of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and has since been in the good books of the public.

She was tagged as “Queen D” and “Queen of Hearts” by the Swiss news portal “Watson,”.

Who Is Djamila Rowe’s Ex-boyfriend?

Djamila Rowe has been in and out of a few failed relationships. However, the one that gained widespread publicity was her fake relationship with Swiss Ambassador Thomas Borer in Germany in 2002.

Djamila Rowe went public with a made-up story in 2002 that she had an affair with the ambassador on March 21, 2002. Since then, she became famous for the wrong reasons and was even called all kinds of names such as “celebrity slut”, “embassy slut”, “botox chick”, “noodle slut”, etc.

Away from her fake affair with Thomas Borer, Rowe has been in and out of a few real relationships. Her first known ex-boyfriend was a management consultant she dated from 1997 to 2002.

After they broke up in 2002, she later fell in love with another management consultant in 2004 and dated for two years before going their separate ways in 2006.

She then went on to have a brief affair with touring car racing driver Ferfried Prinz von Hohenzollern.

Did Djamila Rowe Have A Baby With Her Ex-Boyfriend?

Yes, Rowe had her first child, a son in 1997 with a management consultant whose identity we do not have at the moment. They were in a relationship from 1997 to 2002 when they broke up.

She later had her second child, a daughter in 2009 with Ferfried Prinz von Hohenzollern.

Is Djamila Rowe In A Relationship?

From our checks, Rowe is currently single as of July 2023 although it is also very possible that she may be in a relationship that we are unaware of.

We will update this write-up as and when we receive any fresh updates regarding her love life.

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