Dieter Stolte Children. Who are they?

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A well-known German journalist and broadcasting director Dieter Stolte was born in Cologne on September 18, 1934. He had a lasting impression on the country’s media environment. Unfortunately, he passed away on December 10, 2023.

Early Life and Career

Born and raised in Berlin, Saarbrücken, Gößnitz, Meerane, and other places. Following his graduation from the Gauß-Gymnasium in Worms in 1955, he attended Tübingen and Mainz to further his studies in German studies, philosophy, and history.

Dieter Stolte started out in the media as a freelance radio journalist. He began serving as Saarland Radio’s chief of the scientific section in 1961. His appointment as director of the newly established Second German Television (ZDF) in 1962 ,as Karl Holzamer’s assistant.

Stolte started an amazing fifteen-year career at ZDF, where he held a number of roles including head of program planning, director of programming, and ultimately director of the station. March 15, 1982 was when he left the station, and he remained there until March 14, 2002.

In 1984, Stolte played a key role in assisting ZDF in becoming an independent program organization by relocating it from Wiesbaden to Mainz-Lerchenberg. Under his leadership, the Today-Journal, a renowned news program, was established on January 1, 1978. Furthermore, Stolte played a role in the founding of 3sat, a cultural channel that was created in 1984 in collaboration with the Austrian ORF and the Swiss SRG SSR.

To accept a professorship in media theory and practice at the Hamburg University of Music and Theater, Stolte resigned his job as a broadcaster in 1980. After serving on the Loremo AG supervisory board, he was chosen to lead the museum association of the German Historical Museum in Berlin in April 2006.

In addition to serving on the board of the Axel Springer Foundation, Stolte also chaired the editorial board of Radio B2, a private broadcaster, beginning in March 2010. From August 2011 until June 2014, he also served as chairman of Ströer Out-of-Home Media AG’s supervisory board.

Among his cultural and social activities were donations to German Cancer Aid and membership on the board of trustees of the German Foundation for Monument Protection.

Who are Dieter Stolte’s Children?

There is no information about the personal life of Dieter Stolte. It seems he kept his family and children out of the public.


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