Daphne de Luxe’s Weight, Height, All You Need To Know

By | June 13, 2023

Daphne de Luxe Biography

Daphne de Luxe, whose real name is Daphne Haderlein, is a German stand-up comedienne born in March 1971 in Kronach, Franconia.

She was the class president at school, where she also developed her comedy and acting skills. She pursued training to become an English, French, and Spanish foreign language secretary after completing her secondary education.

In December 1991, Daphne de Luxe launched her career as a full-time stage performer in Germany and other countries. In a number of comedy competitions and festivals, she received considerable acclaim.

She finished second place in the NDR Comedy Contest final performance in July 2009. She earned the “Stockstädter Römerhelm” audience prize in 2010; the following year, she participated in the NDR Comedy Contest’s summer show and took home the Franconian Cabaret Prize.

Daphne de Luxe has received a number of comedy and cabaret awards throughout the course of her career, including the Stuttgart “Comedy Clash,” the Kelkheim comedy prize “Thron der Nachtrevue,” and the Datteln cabaret prize “Das Dattelner Nachtschnittchen.”

She has also appeared on television, taking part in programmes like “Tegtmeiers Erben” and “Comedy Tower.”

Daphne de Luxe

Daphne de Luxe

Since 2014, Daphne de Luxe has been in HR television funfair specials and taken part in the cabaret national league. She made her stage debut at Berlin’s Quatsch Comedy Club in 2016, after winning the bronze medal in the German Cabaret League in 2015.

In addition to her solo shows, Daphne de Luxe has performed on “Frau Jahnke hat eingeladen,” presented by Gerburg Jahnke, and travelled with the Schmidt Show on Tour.

Additionally, she has appeared as a guest on “Alfons and Guests” and “Ladies Night.” She has been the Hanover Sisters of Comedy show’s host since 2018.

The solo performances of Daphne de Luxe include a wide range of topics and have a number of different names, such as “Comedy Galore,” “The Full Life,” “Extra Portion,” “Species-Appropriate – A Humane Animal Programme,” and “Trials of Patience – Of Mothers-in-Law and Other Plagues.”

The Stockstadt Roman Helmet (2010), Franconian Cabaret Prize (2011), Stuttgart Comedy Clash (2013), Dattelner Night Slice (2013), Throne of the Night Review (2013), Everswinkel Comedy Cannon (2014), and a special award from the Minister of Education at the St. Ingberter Pfanne (2016) are just a few of the accolades she has won for her talent and performances.

With her distinct sense of style, sense of humour, and stage presence, Daphne de Luxe has maintained her position as a leading figure in the German comedy scene.

Daphne de Luxe Weight

Daphne De Luxe has a very moderate weight that stands at 55kg.

Daphne de Luxe Height

Daphne De Luxe has a very tall height that is known to stand at 1.75m. She has a unique look and is frequently spotted in vibrant, stylish ensembles that capture the spirit of her upbeat, vivacious stage presence.

Her captivating stage presence, energetic movements, and expressive facial emotions are what set Daphne de Luxe’s performances apart from the competition.

Her attraction as a performer is fueled in part by her distinctive fusion of humour, narrative, and captivating delivery.

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