Current Price Of Goat In Ghana, Full Details

By | October 14, 2021

In Ghana, livestock rearing is an essential industry since it helps to meet domestic food needs while also providing a regular source of revenue for farmers.

Due to rising demand from the local market, many farmers in Ghana are resorting to commercial livestock production.

Many rural households, on the other hand, keep livestock for domestic use alone, selling animals only when necessary.

If you are reading this article, then probably you are looking to buy a goat and want to know how much it will cost you. In this article, I am going to take you through the current price of goat on the Ghanaian market. But before that let look at the main breeds of ship reared in Ghana. 

Goat Breeds Available in Ghana

Basically in Ghana, we have two main breeds of sheep and goats namely:

  • West African Dwarf type
  • West African Long-Legged type (found mostly in Northern and Upper Regions)

West African goats are mostly reared because they have a high resistance to trypanosomiasis, and are also known for their intelligence. Males of this breed weigh 20-25 kg whiles females 18-22 kg. 

Current Price Of Goat In Ghana, Full Details 1

West African dwarf goat in pictures above.

Current Price Of Goat In Ghana

Goat meat on the market has high demand than both sheep and beef. As a result of this the prices of Goat on the market are relatively higher compared to sheep. Goats are sold for GHS 400.00 and above in many local Ghanaian markets. 

Where To Buy Goat In Ghana

Goats are sold in many local markets across the country but if you are too busy to go the market and buy a goat, you can order for it on the websites listed below. 

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