Cristina Tajani’s Parents: Full Details

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Cristina Tajani was born on November 28, 1978, and can be described as an Italian politician and economist. She has been a Senator of the Republic for the Democratic Party since May 31, 2023.

Cristina Tajani was born in Terlizzi, in the province of Bari and with respect to education, she attended the Luigi Bocconi Commercial University. She successfully graduated in 2003. Cristina Tajani furthered her education at the  University of Milan and earned a PhD in labor sciences in 2007.

It must be noted that her academic career began actively in 2008. She served as a professor of microeconomics and labor economics at the University of Milan. Subsequently, in July 2022, Cristina Tajani was appointed as the President of  ANPAL Servizi . She was the President of  ANPAL Servizi till March 2023.

This was after the Minister of Labor and Social Policies Marina Elvira Calderone, had adopted an agreement with the MEF, to revoke the board of administration of the company controlled by ANPAL two years after its expiry.

Cristina Tajani was actively involved in the youth organization of the Communist Refoundation Party and held the position of Regional Manager for Work and Precariat.

Later in 2016, she started supporting Beppe Sala’s run in the center-left primary elections for the choice of candidate for mayor of Milan.
Cristina Tajani participated in the 2016 local elections for the Milan city council. She was the councilor for productive activities and work of the municipality of Milan between 2011 and 2021 and it was in respect of the center-left municipal councils led first by Giuliano Pisapia and then by Beppe Sala.

She ran for the 2022 elections for the Senate of the Republic, for the Democratic Party – Democratic and Progressive Italy . She took office as senator following the resignation of Carlo Cottarelli. Cristina Tajani was a member of the  6th Finance and Treasury Commission in the 19th legislature and she supported the motion of Elly Schlein, PD deputy in the  2023 PD primary elections

Cristina Tajani Parents

Details on the parents of Cristina Tajani are currently not available.


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