Colin Burgess Children. Who are they?

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Colin John Burgess born on November 16, 1946, was an Australian rock musician who played as a drummer for some of the best bands in the business, including the Masters Apprentices. He also had a brief stint with The Eagles. Suddenly, he passed away on December 15, 2023.

Early Life and Career

Born in Sydney on November 16, 1946, Burgess grew up alongside his brother Denny. Serving as the drummer for the band The Untamed, which included guitarist Joe Travers, was his first job in the music business. The musical partnership between the Burgess brothers started when Denny Burgess joined the surf-instrumental band the Throb in the middle of the 1960s as a singer and bass guitarist.

In 1967, the Burgess brothers formed the psychedelic group Honeybunch with bassist Bill Verbaan and Travers. Then, the group renamed itself “The Haze.” Luckily, when performing with the Master’s Apprentices in Sydney, they ran with founding member Jim Keays, which led to a crucial turning point in Colin John Burgess’s career.

Burgess, who joined the Master’s Apprentices in January 1968, contributed significantly to the band’s success. Their move to Melbourne cemented their standing in the Australian rock landscape. Their historic voyage on the Go-Set National Top 40 was highlighted by the top-charting songs “5:10 Man,” “Think about Tomorrow Today,” “Turn Up Your Radio,” and “Because I Love You”.

Despite challenges, the Master’s Apprentices persisted, with Burgess contributing his rhythmic prowess until the band’s dissolution in mid-1972. In 1998, the Masters Apprentices, including Burgess, received the honor of induction into the ARIA Hall of Fame.

As the original drummer for AC/DC, Burgess’s career took an explosive turn in November 1973. He was fired in February 1974, reportedly for being drunk on stage (which he subsequently said was the result of drinking too much). Sadly, his time there was brief. A brief period in the early history of AC/DC was defined by his departure.

Through a strange turn of events, Burgess ended up at the Music Factory in London the evening before Bon Scott died in February 1980, thus becoming one of the final people to speak with the great singer before his premature demise. In 1983, he, along with his brother Denny, formed the hard rock band His Majesty.

Who are Colin Burgess’s Children?

There is no information about the children of Colin Burgess. It seems he kept his family out of the public.


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