Christina Luft Wedding. Full details

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Christina Luft, now known as Christina Hänni, was born in Frunse, Kirgiz SSR, Soviet Union, on February 21, 1990. She’s a well-known German dancer who made a lasting impression on the competitive dance scene and gained popularity after appearing on the hit RTL program “Let’s Dance.”

Early Life

Christina Hänni’s life took a significant turn when, at the age of one, she moved to Germany with her Kirgiz-German family. Growing up, her passion for dancing emerged at the tender age of nine.

After relocating to Germany, Christina pursued a degree in psychology at Philipps-University Marburg, culminating in her graduation with a diploma in 2017.


Christina started participating in dance competitions in 2002, marking the beginning of her dancing career. Lukas Staudt was her first dance partner, and they danced together till the end of 2004. She was in a partnership with Evgeny Vinokurov from early 2005 till the fall of 2016. Their relationship went beyond the dance floor as they developed a love relationship that led to engagement.

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In 2006, she moved from representing the Tanzsportclub Dortmund to the Tanzclub Blau-Gold Solingen. Her desire for higher study brought her to Hessen, where she and her dancing partner joined the Schwarz-Rot-Club Wetzlar in 2014. They participated in the Standard and Latin American dance divisions at the Schwarz-Rot-Club, where they were able to join the Bundeskader B.

Christina Hänni’s life changed course in 2017 after she appeared on the RTL program “Let’s Dance.” Due to Pietro Lombardi’s injury sustained before the event, Christina’s dance partner was replaced by Giovanni Zarrella. She was unfortunately had to miss the remainder of the season due to a broken foot sustained during practice for the sixth show. Zarrella went on with Marta Arndt as her new partner, and she ended up placing fourth in the semi-finals.

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Christina’s reputation as an iconic celebrity was strengthened by her following appearances on “Let’s Dance”. She danced with Oliver Pocher in 2019 and placed eighth. She teamed up with Swiss singer Luca Hänni in 2020, and the two of them placed third. The two had a connection off the dance floor as well; in 2020, they started dating, which resulted in an engagement in January 2022 and a marriage in August 2023.

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Her “Let’s Dance” adventure continued with partners including Mike Singer (2022) and Jan Hofer (2021), where she placed eighth and seventh, respectively. She placed seventh in 2023 while dancing partner Ali Güngörmüş. The public was also impressed by Christina’s amazing dancing abilities when she and Christian Polanc won the 2020 “Let’s Dance” Pro Challenge. They finished third in the same tournament with Luca Hänni a year later.

Is Christina Luft Married?

Luca Hänni and Christina Luft got married in a beautiful Italian ceremony on August 22. The newlyweds, a couple living their dream, delightedly posted enchanting snapshots of their wedding on their Instagram profiles.


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