Christiane Beerlandt Cause of Death: Full Details

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Christiane Beerlandt was born on June 7, 1955, and she was a Flemish author of books on personal development and self-help literature. She has authored several books that focus on psychosomatics, nutrition, philosophy of life and astrology.

Naturally, Christiane Beerlandt is that kind of person who is able to deeply empathize psychologically with people. Concerning education, she was a student at the  Catholic University of Leuven where she studied art history.

She is one person who is also concerned about the fate of animals. Christiane Beerlandt owned a health food store in Christinastraat in Ostend where people often asked her for advice in the 1980s.

The first and thicket book by Christiane Beerlandt was titled The Key to Self-Liberation and it had 1436 pages. It was an encyclopedia of psychosomatic and it describes about 1300 diseases and ailments.

It also provided details of the psycho-emotional core origins and deeper meanings of the diseases and ailments. She also wrote the Horn of Plenty, about the psychological patterns that underlie a spontaneous craving for certain foods.

Christiane Beerlandt Cause of Death

Christiane Beerlandt died on June 18 , 2015, but details about the cause of her death are yet to be updated .

Books Authored

Some of the books Christiane Beerlandt authored over the years include The key to Self-liberation – Encyclopedia of Psychosomatics, To Live! , If the animals could speak… – Primordial symbolism in dreams and reality, The cornucopia – psychological symbol language of more than 300 foods, The Signal Book 1 to 5 – meaning of events, phenomena… as signals on your life path and New Days (philosophy).

Others include The Twelve Gates of Prince Sirius (fairy tale for adults), The Twelve Gates of Prince Sirius – workbook for guidance, Faith, consciousness and love, the extremely strong pillars of life, and Life philosophy for a happy and healthy existence.

Philosophy of Christiane Beerlandt

Christiane Beerlandt is one person who always focuses on the inherent inner strength that is present in every person in her books and lectures.

She is of the belief that everyone has a Life Force that wants to grow and be known, but through education, beliefs and misconceptions one is filled with the idea that one cannot do anything about many things.

She refers to this as a Counterforce within a person that serves as a hindrance to a fulfilled life.

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