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Chico DeBarge Children. June 2023

How many children does Chico DeBarge have? Who are Chico DeBarge children? How many children does Chico DeBarge have? Who is the mother of Chico DeBarge children? Meet Dontae, Abrielle, Chicoco, Cheyanne and Manny DeBarge.

American R&B singer, Chico DeBarge is a family man despite the few controversies around him and in this write up, we will introduce you to his children.

Who Is Chico DeBarge? 

Chico DeBarge is a well known American R&B singer and musician born Jonathan Arthur DeBarge on June 23, 1966 in Detroit, Michigan, USA. He was born to Robert Louis DeBarge Sr, who served in the US Armed Forces and Etterlene DeBarge an American gospel singer and songwriter.

As a former member of the DeBarge family, DeBarge started his musical career in 1985 as an independent artist and was signed to Motown. He then released his debut album a year later in 1986 that marked the beginning of his career. The album performed very well and peaked at No. 90 on the Billboard 200.

He followed it up with a single titled “The Girl Next Door” which also performed quite well charting on the R&B chart. His second album was later released in 1988 titled “Kiss Serious” which had singles like “Rainy Night” and “I’ve Been Watching You.”

DeBarge then found himself in trouble just when the album was gaining more attention as he was arrested for drug trafficking. He was later released somewhere around 1995/1996 after serving his jail time.

Shortly after his release from jail, DeBarge released his third album titled “Long Time No See” on November 18, 1997 which had singles like “Iggin’ Me”, “Love Still Good” and “No Guarantee,” on it. The album received critical acclaim and had a good amount of airplay.

He has since release three other albums titled The Game (1999), Free (2003) and Addiction (2009) and over fifteen singles.

His addiction to drugs got him into trouble once again in 2007 as he was arrested in California for possessing drugs. Due to his addiction to cocaine, heroin and prescription medication, DeBarge decided to title his sixth album “Addiction.”

However, the singer has still not been able to completely move away from doing drugs and was arrested again in 2019 and 2021 for drug possession.

Meet Chico DeBarge Children

Chico DeBarge is a father of five. Unfortunately, his eldest son, Dontae DeBarge born on July 29, 1984 died in April 2022 at the age of 35. He was murdered in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California.

His four other children are Abrielle DeBarge, Chicoco DeBarge, Cheyanne DeBarge and Manny DeBarge.

How Many Children Does Chico DeBarge Have? 

DeBarge has/had five children namely Dontae DeBarge, Abrielle DeBarge, Chicoco DeBarge, Manny DeBarge and Cheyanne DeBarge. Cheyanne is an upcoming actress.

However, his eldest son, Dontae DeBarge was stabbed to death on April 2, 2020 I’m the Van Nuys area of Los Angeles. Abrielle DeBarge was also reported missing on January 13, 2015 but was later found alive.

Who Is The Mother of Chico DeBarge Children? 

DeBarge had all his five children with his wife, Andrea Bordenave whom he finally married in 1996.

How Old Is Chico DeBarge First Son? 

Chico DeBarge first son, Dontae DeBarge was born on July 29, 1984 in California, USA. He was stabbed to death in 2020 at the age of 35.


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