Chiara Ferragni Net Worth. How rich is she?

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The well-known model, businesswoman, blogger, and fashion designer Chiara Ferragni was born and raised in Cremona. She was born on 7 May 1987. With her flair and entrepreneurial zeal, she has left a lasting effect on the fashion industry.

Early Life and Career

Growing up in Cremona, Ferragni’s fate seemed to be linked to her creative ability, as she was the eldest of three girls and descended from a fashion-industry-connected household. At sixteen years old, she signed with the Milan-based Beatrice model agency to start her career in modeling. Even though her goals expanded beyond the runway, she ultimately gave up modeling to pursue more audacious life goals.

In October 2009, Ferragni embarked on a new adventure when she and her partner at the time, Riccardo Pozzoli, created the fashion blog “The Blonde Salad.” Ferragni used this forum as an essential means of sharing her passion for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Ferragni’s blog garnered significant attention, catapulting her into the public eye. In a December 2011 Teen Vogue article, she was highlighted as the “Blogger of the Moment” while still a law student at Bocconi University. As of 2016, Ferragni had not finished her degree, but her influence in the fashion industry was still growing.

As an entrepreneur, she embarked on several ventures, one of which was collaborating with Steve Madden to launch a shoe line in December 2013. In 2014, her company’s sales of shoes alone from the Chiara Ferragni Collection totaled an incredible $8 million.

Chiara Ferragni made history in April 2015 when she became the first fashion blogger to feature on the cover of Vogue España. The Chiara Ferragni Collection, which she wore in conjunction with her blog, was highlighted as a case study at Harvard Business School in January 2015, highlighting the connection between blogging, fashion, and business.

Her impact surpassed the realm of fashion when, in August 2014, she served as a guest judge on Project Runway and was selected to create costumes for the fourth season of Intimissimi on Ice in 2017.

Ferragni has an incredible 10 million Instagram followers as of July 2017. She combined advocacy with fashion and lifestyle using her platform. She used her campaign to highlight the impact of social media on modern life while opposing far-right political groups in Italy.

How much is Chiara Ferragni Worth?

Chiara Ferragni has an estimated net worth of about 19 million euros.



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