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About Chase Hero

American entrepreneur Chase Hero is a self-made success. He is also an expert in eCommerce. One of the well-known advertising experts, Chase formed Pacer Capital. The business primarily targets the bitcoin sector. In addition, he helped form The Watchers Eye Group. The present state of Chase Hero’s net worth is being examined.

Early Life

Chase Hero was born in 1980 in the United States. The majority of the details regarding his upbringing, parents, and schooling are still missing. Chase Hero is definitely not his true name. However, neither his genuine name nor any other information had been provided to us.

In a podcast interview from a year ago, Chase admitted that he was raised in a tiny town. He didn’t have fond memories of his childhood because he engaged in criminal activities like drug sales while going to school. He had spent a lot of time in jail as a result.


After experiencing extreme ups and downs as a child, he started a business in 2010. The business was involved in both technology and advertising. Chase has frequently highlighted how starting with just $10 in his pocket, he built the business into an eight-figure operation.

After achieving early success, he began to get company proposals. Chase eventually went one step farther and entered the financial industry. Despite taking some time to fully understand the financial world, he eventually achieved his objective and established Pacer Capital in 2014.

Chase Hero Net Worth 2

He began educating people about cryptocurrencies through the company. He and his team mates established “The Watchers Facebook Group” not long after a year in 2015. The group of experts who focus on cryptocurrencies slowly recruited a large number of people to join them. Through the group, the team gave advice to those who were interested in learning how to sell cryptocurrency for a profit.

To join their group, interested parties must pay a one-time fee of either $999 year or $149 per month. The team’s exclusive live events are only accessible to those who have purchased memberships. Events are either held at dinner parties, over fireside conversations, or on boats.

Chase launched their official YouTube channel on May 20, 2020. He has committed the channel for his family rather than for his professional endeavors. He typically records family-related videos and posts them to YouTube.

Who is Chase Hero Wife?

Chase Hero is a husband. He is currently experiencing a pleasant moment with his wife, Jen, and four kids. Because his YouTube videos allow us to view nice family moments, Chase appears to be enjoying himself with his family.

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Chase Hero Net Worth

With the help of his group The Watchers, Chase is fervently attempting to inform people about the cryptocurrency markets. He may have made a sizable chunk of money because he has been investing his time in the bitcoin market for a long time. His actual net worth hasn’t been made public, though. His estimated net worth is $5 million, nevertheless.

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