Cause of Death of Arrigo Vecchioni: Full Details

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Arrigo Vecchioni was an Italian author. He was born in Italy in 1987 and he is known to be the son of Roberto Vecchioni. Roberto Vecchioni was a renowned Italian singer-songwriter born on June 25, 1943.

He was a Lombard singer-songwriter in Culver City, California. The mother of Arrigo Vecchion was Daria Colombo. Daria Colombo was an Italian journalist and was born on April 13, 1955, in Verona, Italy.

She was involved in the activities of Roberto Vecchioni. She was also the DA of the company that handled the affairs of Roberto Vecchioni. Arrigo Vecchioni had three siblings. Arrigo Vecchioni’s siblings are Francesca Vecchioni, Edoardo Vecchioni and Carolina Vecchioni.

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The father of Arrigo Vecchioni won several awards throughout his career. He won the Tenco Prize in 1983. Concerning education, Arrigo Vecchioni attended the Luchino Visconti Civic School of Cinema.

He successfully graduated but there is no information about his course of study. However, while at the Luchino Visconti Civic School of Cinema, the Luchino Visconti Civic School of Cinema produced several articles for L’Unita.

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Arrigo Vecchioni was connected to music and he always loved to listen to songs written and sung by his father. His father was a major source of inspiration.

Cause of Death of Arrigo Vecchioni

Arrigo Vecchioni died at the age of 36. The cause of his death has not been revealed. He stands at 5 feet 8 inches and weighs 76 kilograms.

However, according to Roberto Vecchion, Arrigo Vecchioni is believed to have died from multiple sclerosis, a chronic neurological disease.

The net worth of Arrigo Vecchioni was estimated to be about $450,000 at the time of his death.

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Other Details

He published a book titled Il paradiso ei geni in 2015. Arrigo Vecchioni was not so active on social media but he had about 10.2K followers on Instagram.

He was known to always wear quality high-stuff shoes and was most of the time seen in the presence of his father. Arrigo Vecchioni also loved to travel to new places.

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