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About Cartia Mallan

On August 28, 2021, Cartia Mallan was due to have breast lift surgery. Hopefully she is recovering and will soon be able to share her tale.
A well-known YouTube personality and Instagram model is Cartia Mallan. Additionally, she is a budding actress who is honing her craft and improvising.

Mallan became well-known after posting a look on social media that was Kylie Jenner-inspired. Although she was doing it for a friend, the video clip was too large to be sent as an email attachment.

Cartia put it on YouTube after mistaking it for a personal video. However, the video went viral because it wasn’t. She has since started to upload videos to YouTube.

Cartia, on the other hand, rejects the notion that she is a YouTube celebrity. She is putting a lot of effort into her goal of becoming a well-known actor.

Biography of Cartia Mallan

Cartia Mallan is a 23-year-old lady. She was born on July 18, 1998, and has the astrological sign of Leo. She currently resides in Brisbane, Queensland, and is a citizen of Australia.

Mallan has long kept her parents’ identities a secret. Harrison, her older brother, did, however, grow up with her. A well-known YouTube personality and Instagram model is Cartia Mallan. Additionally, she is a budding actress who is honing her craft and improvising.

Cartia Mallan Net Worth

Mallan is a social media influencer with a net worth of more than $1 million.

She earns a respectable living thanks to her blogs and online videos. She also earns money by endorsing other goods.

Cartia used to make $20 per hour working at a diner before joining YouTube and Instagram. But thanks to her rising online fame, she does make hundreds of dollars every day.

Relationship Status

Josh Heuston and Cartia Mallan were romantically involved from 2018 to 2020. They were the perfect Instagram pair since they got along so well. They did, however, permanently part ways in the early 2020s. Since that time, Mallan has stayed unmarried and is content with her life. She likes to hang out with her pals and make YouTube videos in her free time.


On May 2, 2010, Mallan made his YouTube debut. Since then, her YouTube channel has been chock-full of amazing films about cosmetics, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Her YouTube channel of the same name also functions as a one-stop shop for anything related to fashion and beauty.

For the divas out there, Mallan has a lot to offer, including gorgeous cosmetic makeovers and tutorials, beauty routines, and fashion hauls, among other things. Her subscriber count and reputation as a household brand exploded after she posted a cosmetic tutorial that was inspired by Kylie Jenner. She has also created several vlogs regarding her daily life.

Her loved ones helped her create these videos, including her partner, friends, and family. Try On Haul-Summer Clothing, How to Get a Flawless Radiant Glow Foundation Routine, and Back to School – Natural Makeup Tutorial are a few of the makeup and fashion films worth viewing. These videos are all about beauty, clothing, and makeup as a result, which are all important topics for women to consider!

Along with Jake Rich and Lisa Clark, she also starred in the movie “I Passed Out While Bungee Jumping!” She always encourages individuals to pursue their dreams because she is such a positive person and an advocate for healthy self-esteem.

Mallan, who is enthusiastic about acting, hopes to pursue a career in acting in the future. She currently has a modest fan base on Instagram and YouTube. The young beauty also adores her followers and is always excited to interact with them on social media. Cartia frequently publishes vlogs to keep her followers informed about her personal life.

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