Carolin van Bergen Cause of Death: FullDetails

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Carolin van Bergen was born on March 27, 1964 in Berlin. Carolin van Bergen was a German actress and voice actress and her parents were actors Ingrid van Bergen and Michael Hinz.

She had an older sister called Andrea who was born to Ingrid van Bergen and Erich Sehnk. Over the years, Carolin van Bergen has featured and played roles in several television series. Some of the television series she has featured in include  Your Hearth Is Worth Its Gold (1985) and How Good That Mary Exists (1990).

Apart from acting, Carolin van Bergen has also worked for a number of radio play productions and some of these productions are The Empire Strikes Back (1985, as Leia Organa ), Hanni and Nanni Make New Plans ( Europe ) and Hanni and Nanni Give a party.

Many people across the world got to know of Carolin van Bergen when she was featured in the European radio play series She-Ra – Princess of Power.

She was also associated with the latter episodes of Defenders of the Earth and played the role of Jedda Walker. She also played the role of  Judy Garland in the dubbing of the classic film Meet Me in St. Louis.

Carolin van Bergen Cause of Death

Carolin van Bergen died of heart failure during a routine procedure to remove some tissues in her body. Carolin van Bergen’s body was discovered to have metastases.

Carolin van Bergen Marriage

With the subject of marriage, it must be noted that Carolin van Bergen got married to actor Kay Sabban.

Some of the films of Kay Sabban include 1981: Tatort: The Trembling of the Tenors, 1982: Crime Scene: Trimmel and Isolde, 1985: Crime Scene: Baranski’s Business, 1989: Tatort: No tricks, Mr. Bülow, 1991: Tatort: Finale at Rothenbaum, 1991: Crime scene: Death of a girl and 1992: Crime scene: Stoever’s case.

Carolin van Bergen and Kay Sabban got married on December 23, 1983. However, the marriage could not last as they divorced after only two years.

She also dated sound assistant Ronald Lichter and Hamburg actor Nicolas König.


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