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C418’s Biography, Wikipedia

C418 can be described as a German musician, producer and sound engineer. His real name is Daniel Rosenfeld and he was born on May 9, 1989. C418 is also known to be the composer and sound designer for the sandbox video game Minecraft.

He is the brain behind Beyond Stranger Things in that he wrote and produced the theme. C418 worked on the soundtrack for the Steam release of Cookie Clicker and was with the American rock band Anamanaguchi as a DJ. C418 was born to a Soviet-born father of German descent as well as German mother.

C418’s father worked as a goldsmith. He learned and relied on early versions of Schism Tracker as well as Ableton Live to create his music in the early 2000s. With the passage of time, C418 ‘s brother, Harry Rosenfeld, introduced him to music composition through Impulse Tracker. C418’s brother was also known as C818.

Minecraft: The Story of Mojang(2012) and Beyond Stranger Things(2017) form part of the filmography of C418.

His discography includes The Whatever Director’s Cut (2008) {no longer available since 2013), Zweitonegoismus (2008), Bushes and Marshmallows (2009) A Cobblers Tee Thug (2010) [with Sohnemann], Circle (2010), Life-Changing Moments Seem Minor in Pictures (2010) and Minecraft – Volume Alpha (2011). Others are 72 Minutes of Fame (2011), One (2012), Minecraft – Volume Beta (2013), 148 (2015), Dief (2017) and Excursions (2018).

C418’s Age, Birth Date

C418 was born on May 9, 1989. He is currently 34 years old.

C418’s Parents

The names of the parents of C418 are unavailable .C418 was born to a Soviet-born father of German descent and a German mother. His father worked as a goldsmith.

C418’s Height, Weight

The  height of C418 is 1.72 meters and he weighs 69 kilograms.

C418’s Net Worth

The net worth of C418  is estimated to be $ 5 million.

C418’s Girlfriend, Wife, Children

He is happily married to Heidi Duckler. Details about his children are yet to be updated .

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