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Bulent Ceylan is a German comedian and Kabarett artist. He was born on January 4, 1976, and he is known to have played several comic roles. Most of these comic roles focus on the quirks of Germans from Turkish family backgrounds as well as people from Mannheim.

Bulent Ceylan Family

Born in Mannheim, Bulent Ceylan has a mother who is a Hungarian born in Germany. The father of Bulent Ceylan is Ahmet Ceylan. Ahmet Ceylan was known to be a Turkish entrepreneur in the construction industry. It must be stated that Bulent Ceylan has three older siblings.

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Bulent Ceylan had his education at the Friedrich-Ebert Elementary School as well as Ludwig Frank Gymnasium. After his Abitur in 1995, Bulent Ceylan had an internship with VIVA as well as RPR1. …


Bulent Ceylan is married and has a daughter. He has made it known that he has foot fetish.


Over the years, Bulent Ceylan has been involved with some programs . Some of these programs are Döner for one – mit alles (start: November 2002, Capitol Mannheim), Halb getürkt (start: Oktober 2005, Rosengarten Mannheim), Kebabbel net (start: September 2007, Capitol Mannheim), Ganz schön turbülent! (start: Oktober 2009, Capitol Mannheim), Wilde Kreatürken (start: Oktober 2011, Capitol Mannheim) and Kronk, 2016.

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The DVDs to his credit are Halb getürkt, Köln: WortArt, 2006, Bülent Ceylan – live, Mannheim,(18 September 2009), and Bülent Ceylan – Ganz schön turbülent (22 October 2010).

The Audio CDs he has as part of his collections include Produzier’ mich net!, 2000, Döner for one, Berlin: Blue Cat Print und Music, 2003, Halb getürkt, Köln: WortArt, 2006, Kebabbel net, 2008 and Ganz schön Turbülent, 2010.

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Bulent Ceylan also has some awards he can boast of. These awards are 2001 Bielefelder Kabarettpreis, 2002 Kleinkunstpreis Baden-Württemberg, 2009 German Comedy Award: Best Newcomer, 2010 CIVIS-Medienpreis, 2011 Goldene Schallplatte for the DVD Bülent Ceylan – Live!, 2011 Goldene Schallplatte for the DVD Ganz schön turbülent and 2011 German Comedy Award: Best Comedian.



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