Bruno Eichgrun Age, Biography, Wiki, Height, Net Worth and More

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Bruno Eichgrun Biography And Wiki

Bruno Eichgrun

Bruno Eichgrün was a German actor and film director who lived from January 10, 1877, until June 2, 1937. He portrayed Nick Carter, a private investigator, in multiple silent movies.

 Age And Birth Date

He was born on January 10, 1877, and died at the age of 60 on June 2, 1937, in Berlin, Germany.

Bruno Eichgrun Height and Weight

There’s no information about Bruno’s body measurements. It is believed he possesses the height and weight of an average man.

Bruno Eichgrun Net Worth

He has an estimated worth between $1 million and $5 million, according to

Bruno Eichgrun Parents

There’s no information regarding his parents from any reliable source. We will update soon.

Bruno Eichgrun Wife and Children

Not all the details of Bruno’s previous partnerships and relationships are known. Celebrities continue to astound us with their private lives through 2024.

Bruno Eichgrun Career

As an actor, he has appeared in the following movies:

  1. 917’s The Lost Paradise
  2. Captain Hansen’s Adventures (1917)
  3. The Terror of White 1917
  4. The Three Girls’ House (1918)
  5. The 1918 Blue Lantern
  6. Hedda’s Retaliation (1919)
  7. Lilli (1919)
  8. The Marriage of Lilli (1919)
  9. Nick Carter in The Inheritance from New York (1919)
  10. In 1921, Nick Carter appeared in The Hotel in Chicago
  11.  In 1922, Only One Night
  12. The Passenger in the Straitjacket

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