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Britt Jolig can be described as a model and she was born in 1967. Britt Jolig should be about 58 years old. She was born in Bonn but it must be noted that during her childhood days, she did not grow up in only Bonn. She also grew up in Brussels and London.

Britt Jolig was discovered as a model when she was just 16 years old. She worked as a model on the international scene and on runways till 2003. She did not walk on just the runway but she was also involved in advertising, editorial, commercial and fashion catalogs in Miami, Cape Town, Milan, Zurich, Vienna and some other places.

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Britt Jolig in 2001 was living in Mallorca. It must be noted that Britt Jolig opened and managed a country hotel. In 2002, she established fincas4you . She also set up a real estate agency with her business partner. The real estate agency was called Soleil Estate.

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Britt Jolig Illness

In less than four weeks, Britt Jolig was struck by two strokes and it was very devastating for her dear mother. Britt Jolig was sixteen years old when the two strokes struck her. She suffered an appendectomy and a mitral valve prolapse.

This led to an emergency open heart surgery. At that time, Britt Jolig who was 1.81 meters tall, weighed 53 kilograms because of the long and severe immunosuppression. After the open-heart surgery, Britt Jolig had to undergo rehabilitation. Through the rehabilitation, she learned to speak and walk again. Britt Jolig also trained her body.

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Britt Jolig has been married to Alex Jolig since 2012. Alex Jolig was born on January 14, 1963, in Germany. He is known to be an actor and he is noted for movies such as Python 2(2002), Interceptor Force 2(2002) as well as Hypersonic(2002). Alex Jolig is also a singer and motorcycle racer.


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