Bobby Goodson Cause of Death: Full Details

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Bobby Goodson can be described as an American entrepreneur and reality television show personality. He is believed to be worth about 3 million dollars. Bobby Goodson was born in Jacksonville, North Carolina and at age 11, he had already started working in the logging industry.

He had his education at Chowanus College. After completing and graduating from the Chowanus College, he earned a degree in Graphic Communications.

After school, he decided to work with his father in the logging industry and he is currently the owner of Goodson’s All Terrain Logging, which is based in Pender County, North Carolina.

Bobby Goodson Cause of Death

Bobby Goodson is believed to have died on April 10, 2017. He died at UF Health in Gainesville at the age of 53. Bobby Goodson died after an extended illness.

Bobby Goodson and Goodson’s All Terrain Logging Crew

As the owner of Goodson’s All Terrain Logging Crew, he has a team of people he works with. These people include Justin Goodson – Part Owner/Foreman (Bobby’s son), Lori Goodson – Office Manager (Bobby’s wife/Dave’s sister), Dave Mueller – Loader Operator and Simitrio Ruiz – Buncher/Feller Operator.

The rest are Durley Hicks – Clambunk Operator, Joe “Monkey” Nagy – Truck Driver, Milton “Bo” Malpass (aka “Bo-Bo”) – Truck Driver, Joy “Baby Doll” Craft – Truck Driver (Bo-Bo’s sister), Gary Foy – Truck Driver and Wayne Sowers – Truck Driver.

Bobby Goodson’s company is the brain behind the reality series titled “Swamp Loggers”. The series documents Bobby Goodson and his employees with respect to their day-to-day work so far as logging in North Carolina is concerned.

It must be noted that the team experiences several challenges on a daily basis. Some of these challenges include bad roads, bad weather, equipment issues, dangers in sawmills, and unreliable customers.

Some of the episodes of Goodson’s All Terrain Logging Crew include Cutting It Up in the Muck” (15 June 2009), “Logging for Steak” (22 June 2009), “Tough Times Ahead” (29 June 2009) and “Only the Strong Survive” (6 July 2009).

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