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Benedict Hollerbach, born on 17 May 2001, is a promising German professional footballer making waves in the world of football. Known for his versatility on the field, he primarily operates as a left-winger or center-forward and currently plies his trade for the Bundesliga club Union Berlin.


Hollerbach’s footballing journey began in the youth ranks of TSV Tutzing, where he showcased his talent and potential from a young age. His early prowess on the pitch caught the attention of major clubs, and he soon found himself in the renowned academies of Bayern Munich and VfB Stuttgart. These formative years provided him with invaluable training and the opportunity to refine his skills.

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In September 2020, Hollerbach took a significant step in his career by signing a three-year contract with Wehen Wiesbaden. This move marked his entry into professional football and presented him with the chance to prove himself on a competitive stage. His time with Wehen Wiesbaden served as a crucial phase in his development, honing his abilities and contributing to his growth as a footballer.

July 2023 marked a momentous occasion in Hollerbach’s career when he secured a transfer to Union Berlin. This move catapulted him into the top-flight Bundesliga, a significant achievement for any footballer. Joining Union Berlin represents not only a career progression but also a chance to compete at the highest level of German football.

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Hollerbach’s talents have not gone unnoticed on the international stage. He has proudly represented Germany at the under-18 level, showcasing his skills and dedication to the sport. His inclusion in the national team setup is a testament to his potential and the promise he holds for the future of German football.

Who are Benedict Hollerbach’s Parents?

Benedict Hollerbach, the talented footballer, has chosen to keep his personal life, including the identities of his parents, private and out of the public eye. While fans and the media often have a keen interest in the personal lives of public figures, Hollerbach has made a deliberate choice to maintain a level of privacy regarding his family.

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The Road Ahead

As Benedict Hollerbach continues to make strides in his footballing career, the future looks bright for this young and versatile player. His ability to operate as both a left winger and center-forward adds depth to his skill set, making him an asset for Union Berlin. Moreover, his international experience at the under-18 level positions him favorably for potential future call-ups to higher tiers of the German national team.


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